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Lawrence O’Donnell’s Fabricated J-6 'Memories,' and Brushing Off Balloon Brouhaha

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Reporting on the Mirror – MSNBC

  • The important thing about that historic tragedy is how it affected you.

Lawrence O'Donnell, the network's resident socialist, was at the Capitol this week and managed to draw attention to himself without it regarding the vote in Congress over socialism. No, Larry was on site, and all he could detail about his visit is how he was consumed with paralyzing flashbacks, reflecting on the January 6 riot. 

You would be correct in placing Larry in the same category as Matt Laslo, the journalist who infamously stated how he was rendered after the attack, as he considered the Capitol his "girlfriend." (We have no update on who Laslo is dating these days.) To say O'Donnell was a tad melodramatic in his remembrances, just remember this: Larry was not in the Capitol at all that day, as he was farther away from the melee than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who claimed her life was threatened while she was billeted in another building. 

Democrat Custodial Services – THE JANUARY 6 COMMITTEE

  • The investigation was gravely important. The findings, not so much.

Larry's flashbacks bring to mind another report that surprisingly came out this week but had been lightly covered elsewhere. Lost in all the hindsight outrage about the attack on the Capitol are the details of how security that day was scaled back, the videos of police standing aside as the conflicts began, how the doors were opened to allow the crowds to get inside, and more. We have seen the revulsion toward the video of the "Buffalo Guy" as he took the Speaker's podium, but few have a comment on the fact he was escorted into the chambers with an officer. 

Only adding to the security dismay from that day is this NBC News report that confirmed the Committee found that a number of government agencies had prior warnings about January 6 but never took action. And, in keeping with that inertia, the Committee never saw fit to include these details with their televised hearings, nor were they included in the final report issued. 

News Avoidance Syndrome – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • Some political violence is rather acceptable, we can assume?

Consider the lectures we have been receiving on the dire threat of political violence, on the matters of racism and the poisonous effects on our society, and how we need to curtail the language leading to these dangerous events. Now consider the lack of broad coverage and commentary regarding an event in New Jersey. 

Eunice Dwumfour was a local politician, a female, and a person of color who was gunned down in a targeted assassination. All the elements of familiar outrage are present, but Dwumfour was a Republican, so the murder is simply not as consequential in the eyes of the press.

Demo-lition Project – CNN

Since its debut on November 1, the reconstituted a.m. show "CNN This Morning" has been stumbling. Just the fact that Don Lemon has been moved to mornings was a sign of his diminished influence, and the new format and set have not led to positive results. The trio of hosts has no chemistry, and the format has been all over the map. Amid all of the ratings problems, the show has recently seen its lowest numbers since its debut. 

For these reasons, this New York Post report, while sounding gossipy with inside sources, takes on significance as it details strife on the set and behind the scenes as Lemon is reportedly acting in diva mode while frustrated with the product they are putting out.

News Avoidance Syndrome – MSNBC

  • This could lead to plenty of negative speculation, so it is best not to care about it at all.

Yesterday, the news sphere was abuzz with reports that a Chinese spy balloon had crossed our airspace. The Chi-Coms even acknowledged this was theirs, as they deflected the nefarious implications and even warned us not to make racist implications as a result. 

You could see signs of wanting to diminish the import of this breach of security, even as it was later reported that a second unauthorized, purely civilian, and not a surveillance Chinese balloon was reported to be flying in South America. Chris Hayes looked over all of the possible negative implications this could have for the Biden administration and came to a logical conclusion: This was no big whoop. 

Matching Media Memorandum – THE BULWARK

  • Why consider the ramifications when this is a prime "But Trump" opportunity?!

Following suit in the desire to steer Chinese infiltration effects away from the administration, Bill Kristol arrives with possibly the lamest of deflections, trying to imply Americans would approve of the airship if it were festooned with his nightmare MAGA imagery or something…

Glossary Overt Things – PUNCHBOWL NEWS

  • That one word seems to imply something.

As the press continues to be outraged that politicians in D.C. act in a political fashion, Kevin McCarthy's removal of Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee continues to see the journalists bleating and supporting the outraged Democrats. Heather Caygle spoke with Hakeem Jeffries about Omar's ouster, and she seemed to have a rather blatant detail zoom right over her head.

Jeffries actually alluded to the fact that the decision was rooted in "revenge," which should carry with it the very obvious explanation that the Democrats had been the first to act in this fashion when they controlled the chamber. But instead, Caygle bypassed that reality entirely and proceeded to ask the minority leader other trivial questions regarding the decision.


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