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Pre-Written Field Reports – NBC NEWS

  • "Our insiders suggest something MIGHT happen…or not." 

Look, we understand that in the furor of all the FBI/warrant/nuke codes/not-a-raid coverage, it is a high priority to be first with news items. The highest priority, however, is to actually HAVE a news item. 

At NBC, Kristen Welker had many of the elements in place – inside sources, contacts delivering updates, and timeliness. She just kinda sorta maybe lacked anything significant. In terms of the sealed FBI warrant, the Trump team had two options: Ask to unseal it or fight to keep it sealed. In a BREAKING piece, Welker tells us Trump met with lawyers, and they are considering…doing something. 

Reporting on the Mirror – CNN

  • We politely ask that you people get a grip and please do not whip out any gags about this news.

Jeffrey Toobin announced he is stepping down from his post at CNN. He exposed this information on his account, and he sounds firm in his decision by saying it was the last day that he appears. After his hard times in 2020, he actually has come a long way, so hopefully, he will have a handle on things going forward. It remains to be seen what he has to show us in the future.

GIlded Reframe – THE HILL

Recall how for weeks, we were lectured in the press on how important the Inflation Reduction Act was for suffering Americans? Then recall how this weekend, immediately after the bill was passed, everyone in D.C. raved about anything else but how the bill stopped inflation? Well, today, we learn that the hundreds of billions in new spending on things like electric vehicles and doubling the size of the IRS will not actually lower inflation! So…at least one news outlet deduced the conclusion most citizens had arrived at by last Sunday. 

Blue Anon – ABC

  • Ex-wives are notorious for aiding in federal crimes.

Normally we would not dignify a soap opera actress with anything valid to say, but in this case, it is such an invalid crackpot thing to say we could not resist. Nancy Lee Grahn of "General Hospital" infamy suggests that Donald Trump's ex-wife Ivana, who recently passed away, should be exhumed. The reason: At her funeral, she had an excessive amount of pallbearers, and this would indicate her coffin was filled with classified documents.

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – National Public Radio

The ongoing marvel of our contemporary journalism class is how so many seem to have an abject refusal to do basic research. Granted, if Gov. Ron DeSantis is involved, the emotional pique is such that researching topics becomes nearly an impossible feat. 

At NPR, Scott Neuman discovered that Florida recently passed the new ability for residents to get a license plate that displays the Gadsen flag, and all he saw were problems.

"'The state can't claim a lack of knowledge about what this image represents to most of the public,' says Rachel Carroll Rivas, deputy director of research and analysis for the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center."

More than ten other states have a Gadsden plate without incident, representing the flag that has been an insignia for centuries of opposition to tyranny, but now that DeSantis is endorsing it, this can only be seen as a symbol of violence and intolerance because of January 6 connotations, and all other manners of contrived controversy. 


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