Did NBC News Resort to Base Reporting to Smear President Trump?

Posted: Jan 05, 2021 12:01 AM
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Did NBC News Resort to Base Reporting to Smear President Trump?

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It was an only slightly surprising headline, in that the content was not so jarring based on the fact it was delivered by NBC News. "Gen Z Republicans See New Era For Party After Trump." It sounds like a stirring tide of rebuttal is taking place in the electorate -- that is until you actually read the piece. What we get is something you would expect to see on the pages of The Lincoln Project website, with a listing of things wrong with the GOP and nonsensical bromides that read like they were from a tear sheet delivered by the Democratic National Committee.

The article claims, "the Republican Party is beginning to take stock of its future beyond President Donald Trump, except we do not get this message delivered by anyone in the party ranks. We instead are fed quotes delivered by college students, all of whom seem rather preoccupied with people liking them as opposed to forwarding sound policy. As these elevated minds deliver the curiously leftist-sounding things they want to see the GOP adapt, they also tip their hand in these declarations.

One describes the problematic policies in the Republican platform as, "The GOP has a lot of good policy...but it does seem like often we can get caught up on the losing ones. When in reality, they're losing issues with the American people." We get served up agenda items like social justice, LGBTQ issues, and the environment as ideas the GOP should embrace in order to win minds, sounding like they are desiring a new version of AOC in a red blazer. 

But the real reveal in the emptiness is in another quote. "We should be attempting to expand our reaches, even if it does cost us" goes the quote from one sterling thinker. "I guess I'm willing to lose as long as we're doing the right thing." 


You are concerned with losing, questioning GOP policies that deliver losing results, so you want to adopt newer policies instead...even if that leads to our losing. With this kind of thinking you can only say -- thank God this person is still in school. They are in need of any kind of critical thought seeping in. But this is the type of mindset NBC holds up as worthy of consideration, and we will soon learn why that is.

We are not being presented with agenda items forwarded by a massive swath of political operatives. This article quotes a total of four people, from different campuses across the country. Now this is probably meant to display a level of thought representing a cross-section of Republican youths nationwide, but the opposite becomes the reality. You could go to any campus and easily find four coeds who harbor this line of thinking. That it took a national map to pull up these voices shows it is not exactly a movement in the GOP ranks.

Just to underscore the misbegotten stance of this article, as the writer presents this call for sweeping change from Trumpism, one half of the respondents expressed support for the President.  

You’ll forgive if Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz do not react with any visible zeal to these entreaties from our campuses. Maybe these kids can go back to tearing down statues and protesting culturally appropriated food items on the menu in the commissary. Then the NBC upstarts will have some real content to cover. 

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