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They really should not go there…

The press and the Democrats have a unique inability to look at issues in the long term. They love to focus on the emotion of the moment without considering how things may play out in the future to their detriment. Just look at how they have become unraveled when items like The Nuclear Option, or delaying Supreme Court appointments came back to burn them when employed by the opposing party.


In similar but lower import fashion this weekend we watched as the press and the Democrats (as well as select ‘’former GOPers) brayed loudly over the diminished crowds for President Trump’s rally, held in Tulsa on Saturday. By any measure the turnout for the event was far lower than expected. As Guy Benson noted there could have been a number of factors, but regardless it was a PR mess. A speech to be held for the expected overflow crowd was scrapped and an arena sported only about 2/3 capacity, by some photos. Tulsa fire officials were said to peg the crowd at approximately 6,400, woefully shy of expectations.

Those expectations are what is fueling the media hysteria today, as they avoid a certain amount of realities. Considering this was Trump’s first rally after our Covid crisis shutdowns, and all of the advanced hype and built-in politics surrounding the event, it was natural to expect throngs on Saturday. There are a number of factors to consider behind the diminished audience; Covid concerns, counter-protest strife (gates were closed in response to conflicts) as well as something leftists are crowing about -- the teen ticket takers.

There are rampant reports about a widespread effort made across numerous social platforms - including China-backed Tik Tok - that had scores across the country glomming tickets by the dozens, if not hundreds. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praised the teens behind the ticket-scamming move. Also we had anti-Trumper/Lincoln Project member/MSNBC sycophant Steve Schmidt bragging how his daughter was among those who successfully conned the system. 


What they manage here, in highlighting the subterfuge behind the truncated turnout, is undercutting their own narrative. How can you claim the president is suffering a dropoff in support when you are bragging about artificially creating the evidence that you point to for your claim? You cannot both note the smaller crowd is a reflection of waning Trump support while at the same time saying, ‘’We did that!’’

But the looming issue, that long range matter that the press and the Democrats cannot manage to see over their lowered focus, is that by harping on the crowd size they will inevitably create the comparison to Joe Biden. When has the former vice President managed a crowd the size of trump’s ‘’embarrassment’’? Last month when Biden had a rally in Philadelphia his office claimed 6,000 were in attendance, a figure even supporters in the area deemed was over-inflated. Notable how banner headlines of failed expectations did not trail in the wake of that event. 

There are occasions when a lack of physical enthusiasm for Biden is mentioned and it is countered with the claim that what he has been focusing on more are virtual town halls and digital appearances, all done in the name of proper social distancing. This is as far as his defenders would like you to go however, because if you peer into the metrics behind his digital outreach the results are stark, and embarrassing.

For a time Joe attempted to compete with President Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings. From his home he would counter the administration’s narrative, but he quietly edged away from these offerings, as he never managed to draw more than a few thousand sets of eyes. Things have only eroded from there. On June 12, Biden gave an address to the Wisconsin Democratic Party convention, an entirely virtual event. He never managed to have over 100 people watch.


Contrast that with what the press will not detail for you, while hyperventilating about the amount of people who did not turn up on Saturday. President Trump’s speech was viewed by a vastly larger audience at home. Fox News set a record for a Saturday night rating -- with well over 7 million viewers -- as well as millions more watching online.

Little surprise why the press wants to only focus on Saturday’s attendance, and not mention the type of numbers Trump draws elsewhere...and, for the same reasons, why they choose to ignore Biden’s as well.

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