Paul Ryan – Yes!

Posted: Aug 12, 2012 12:01 AM

In choosing Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney made a fantastic choice and a bold statement to the American people. 

Paul Ryan is a nationally tested leader that is widely known and respected.   "The Comeback Team" – the name already given the Romney-Ryan ticket – is both an appropriate definition of the primary mission of the Romney Administration and how closely they will work together to accomplish Romney's agenda to restore America's economic vitality. 

Ryan is highly intelligent, a bold reform minded leader with firmly grounded principles, extremely experienced, and a proven leader.   His selection as the Vice-President is the clearest possible signal that the Romney Presidency will be fully committed to get America's fiscal house in order and restore this nation to sound, long-term, growth-oriented economic policy. 

Ryan is a great match for Mitt Romney's own experience, background, and the most important issue confronting the nation – restoring our economy.   Romney-Ryan is likely the best matched "team" that has been on a national ticket in a very long time. 

Ryan is also a rock-solid social conservative that fulfills a promise Romney made about his choice for Vice-President.  The 68 million Roman Catholics in America – and all defenders of the First Amendment - assaulted by the Obama Administration's attack on their religious liberties by ObamaCare should be thrilled to have an ardent practicing Catholic on the ticket.

It was my privilege to serve with Paul Ryan in the House and on the Ways and Means Committee.  Ryan's vast experience and bold, reform minded ideas were always evident.  His knowledge of the federal budget is widely recognized.  Importantly, though, it was his notable grooming as an assistant to Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, Sam Brownback and Bob Kasten that fueled his natural intelligence, curiosity, and conservative principles.   

Charles Krauthammer has lauded Paul Ryan's "Reaganesque" qualities; he's right.  This is a bold pick that will give America the greatest, most experienced leadership team we could have assembled to tackle the most difficult problems America has faced in a very long time.  America's Comeback has begun!