Obama's Foreign Policy Broadcast Machine

Posted: May 14, 2014 12:01 AM
Obama's Foreign Policy Broadcast Machine

Clandestine, black ops, need to know, all terms that give a connotation of high security and international intrigue.

Ever since George Washington’s famous farewell address warning, to avoid foreign entanglements, we have not only chosen to disregard those words but have become more heavily intertwined than ever. However, President after President, Congress after Congress and military leader after military leader have utilized secrecy and denial when confronted with the involvement in other countries affairs .

From John Adams to George Bush, quiet international involvement has been the order of the day when it came to our so called “National Interests”. We would use our CIA, NSA, FBI and dozens of other alphabet organizations, including many not our own, in order to depose leaders, create civil unrest and stimulate changes of economic direction.

Whether it was the take over of banking interests in Latin America, the seizures of oil wells and pipelines in the Middle East or simply eavesdropping on world leaders, our methods when discovered were always disavowed. It was almost like a mission impossible tape assignment that upon hearing destructed in 10 seconds.

Under the Obama watch all prior “mums the word” seems to have gone out the window. People like Senator John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry actually encourage both privately and more important publically coups and revolutions to take place. They debate the efficacy and accuracy of drone assassinations of US citizens on foreign soil. They lobby on the floor of the Senate and House for the increased arming of former and current enemies (Al Qaeda) to bring about regime changes. They proudly announce no fly zones, boots on the ground, personal sanctions and US citizens’ incarceration in public protests as they dictate a one world order with a 7-Eleven on every street corner.

In the old days the SPY THAT CAME IN FROM THE COLD had a lot to reveal to the world as foreign policy was exercised behind closed doors and Langley (CIA) held all the secrets.

Now it would appear, thank you Mr. Obama, that all of that secrecy is gone and we just announce, like the children’s game of Hide and Go Seek,