Obama's Line in the Sand: Don't Interfere with My Game of Golf

Posted: Mar 12, 2014 12:01 AM
Obama's Line in the Sand: Don't Interfere with My Game of Golf

In the middle of an International crisis, the President (U.S. that is) drew the line in the sand and finally, finally, decided to back up his words with actions.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates in January said “if you cock the pistol, you’ve got to be willing to fire it.” Apparently Barrack Obama is exhibiting to the world his metal. Don’t mess with me, his words and actions are saying, loud and clear. No matter what turmoil is engulfing the world our President will not be deterred from a couple of rounds of golf in Florida. When the going gets tough, the tough get going-to the links.

When the normal tourist plays a round of golf it may cost a few hundred dollars. (Senior discount not included) When the President of the United States takes to the fairways it cost you and me several hundred thousand dollars, perhaps even millions. Stoking up the family station wagon (Air Force One), piling in all the family (staff and secret service) and providing room, board and souvenirs for everyone becomes a very impressive tactical and expensive operation. Especially, when it is a last minute decision to hit the little white ball. But the President will not be dissuaded no matter the cost or inconvenience, the line in the sand has been drawn.

I am so glad that Barrack Hussein Obama has allowed nothing, such as perhaps the most serious crisis since Cuba and the missiles, to interfere with his “36.” This kind of guts and determination and consistent attention to detail should make those in North Korea, Beijing, Iran and even Moscow sit up and take notice.

Many will point to Bush 1’s fishing trips, Reagan’s chopping wood, and even Bill’s Monica distraction as justification for time off from the rigors of the job. However I am not sure that when the missiles moved into Cuba that JFK drew his line in the sand nor any of the other President’s mentioned did the same with as much vigor as Barrack Obama did this past weekend.

I will play! He proclaimed to the world.

Yes, Gates said “don’t cock it unless you intend to use it” and most assuredly the United States President has proven he will not back down in the face of adversity. 18 on Saturday, 18 on Sunday and with a little luck 9 before the sun set after the family wagon pulled into town.

Now that is drawing the line in the sand and sticking to it.

Vladamir Putin be forewarned!