Foreign Adventures – Part II

Posted: Mar 27, 2013 12:01 AM

I recently read the Wall Street Journal article about the CIA’s expanded role in Syria and our attempt to continue to aid in the civil war. 

I then happened to read the following quote from Will Rodgers about our similar adventures in Nicaragua during the 1920s: “Here we are the Nation that is always hollering for disarmament, and Peace, and just because we are not smart enough to settle our differences by diplomacy (because we have none), why are we going to make it possible for somebody else to exterminate the faction that we don’t like.  Suppose they don’t like Coolidge down there, and they would allow arms to be shipped into this country to arm a revolution against our Government that is in Power, boy, what a howl we would put up!  But it’s us doing it down their way now, so that’s alright.  Here’s the humanitarian nation of the world fixing so more people can get shot.”

For those who don’t know, Will Rodgers was not only a cowboy and vaudevillian, but perhaps the best and most widely known humorous and social commentator in America. 

We can all debate our involvement in Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Mali, and the list goes on and on. 

My imagination, however, turned to what Rodgers said about “they would allow arms to be shipped into this country to arm a revolution against our government that is in power.”  What if some government somewhere stated they didn’t like the oppressive policies of Barack Hussein Obama — the intolerable food stamp situation, the unemployment, the million dollar birthdays, in other words, they demand we change our way of life to theirs?

And suppose they insisted that he and his government step-down. 

Taking it a step further, they encouraged other governments to boycott the U.S. 

In addition, they urged China not to allow the production of iPhones, a major blow to the U.S. consumer. 

Furthering that tactic, they started supplying arms and ammunition to various militia domiciled within the border, all the while insisting that our form of elected government be replaced by theirs of Bedouin Chief, king, or even beneficent dictator. 

Perhaps, ultimately, they negotiated land in Canada or Mexico where they could set-up their drone systems aimed at the United States, all without the knowledge, of course, of the host country. 

I’m sure if all that happened, we would put up much more than a Will Rodgers howl.  But somehow, we believe that we are entitled to do exactly what we would never tolerate from someone else.

Where is Will Rodgers when we need him? 

In this environment, he would definitely have a field day. 

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