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Sadly, Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected. 

Nevertheless, with the election in the rearview mirror, I had sincere hope that all of us would finally be the recipients of truthful information, but alas, I was wrong. 


In spite of Hardball host Chris Matthew’s attack regarding Jack Welch’s tweet, the common sense of most individuals tells them that people are not being put back to work and the economy isn’t recovering, as Obama has claimed.  Yes, it’s all smoke and mirrors. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, and the Commerce Department have all massaged, manipulated, and stretched every economic detail made under their wing.  If an unemployment rate needed to be lower, just disregard a certain group. 

If the number of jobs created needed to be larger, increase the birth/death ratio. 

If first-time unemployment claims needed to be more favorable, merely tell a state (California) to withhold its data.  Obama won, now the truth, right? 


As we, along with the rest of the world, slide further and further into the abyss, the Joseph Goebbels tactic of repeating the lie often enough now becomes the foremost method of the Obama administration. 

For example, whether you’re a union friend or a management foe, manufacturing is returning to the U.S., most people are doing so well that everyone is driving a brand new car, the stock market is reflective of the wealth of U.S. citizens, and “green” is the new jobs revolution

Sound familiar? 

If it had to do with numbers, the strategy was not to ignore them, just make them more beneficial in order to be re-elected. 

However, events that are transpiring thousands of miles from our shores are much more difficult to control when it comes to influencing the minds of Americans. 


For instance, if you just happen to be a member of our current administration, don’t refer to the Israeli-Hamas conflict as a war, it’s an action. 

Don’t describe the Egyptian President as a Muslim Brotherhood Hamas ally; simply call him a “peace broker.”  Or, explain that the deadly violence is just another typical day in the long line of historical Gaza events.  In the event none of that works, make sure newspaper editors place any Mideast headlines “below the fold.” 

As the Mideast war escalates, focus more attention on the “fiscal cliff” and occasionally drop a hint that everything will be fine. 

In addition, as governmental speakers along with their lackey allies from such places as CNBC and Bloomberg hit the rubber chicken circuit, make sure they keep discussions about Israel-Hamas to a bare minimum while speaking confidently and creating the illusion of wellness. 

Yes, I genuinely wished that the presidential election would have resulted in an end to the censorship of truth. 

However, this most recent Israeli-Hamas war has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that my hopes have been sadly misplaced. 

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