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SBC DIGEST: GuideStone 2055 Fund; Dead Sea Scrolls; New Hope books via Nook

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DALLAS (BP) -- GuideStone Funds has announced the launch of its MyDestination 2055 Fund as part of its date target funds.

The various MyDestination funds are managed to and through specific target dates in 10-year increments, allowing investors to choose the fund with the target year closest to their planned retirement date.


Like all of GuideStone's date target funds, the MyDestination 2055 Fund, contains a diversified asset allocation that gradually becomes more conservative as participants approach, and move through, retirement.

"We continually strive to provide products and services that best meet the needs of our participants," said John R. Jones, president of GuideStone Funds and chief operating officer of GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. "By adding the MyDestination 2055 Fund to our line of date target funds, we're continuing our mission to enhance the financial security of younger investors with an option that may align more closely with their retirement planning needs.

Participants who do not select their investment allocation themselves are defaulted to the MyDestination fund with the date closest to their 65th birthday. For some participants, the new MyDestination 2055 Fund may more accurately reflect their planned retirement date.

Participants can reallocate by visiting www.GuideStone.org/MDF or by calling a GuideStone customer relations specialist at 1-888-98-GUIDE (1-888-984-8433).

Investors who want to learn more about the MyDestination 2055 Fund can review its Fund Fact Sheet at www.GuideStoneFunds.org/Funds. GuideSt

$1M FOR DEAD SEA SCROLLS EXHIBIT -- Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has announced that Gary and Stephanie Loveless of Houston have agreed to be the premier sponsor of the "Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible" exhibition coming to Fort Worth, Texas, in July.


"The Lord has graciously blessed us," Loveless said of the $1 million gift, "and we are honored to support the ministry of an institution that is committed to the inerrancy of the Bible, which these Dead Sea Scroll fragments affirm."

Loveless, who serves on the seminary's board of trustees, is founder and chief executive of Houston-based Square Mile Energy. The couple also provided the lead gift for the initial acquisition of Dead Sea Scroll fragments by the seminary in 2010.

In 1947, Bedouins discovered the scrolls in caves overlooking the Dead Sea near the ancient city of Qumran east of Jerusalem. Nearly 10 years of excavation in the caves produced fragments from approximately 825 to 870 separate scrolls containing biblical manuscripts, biblical manuscripts with commentary, apocryphal manuscripts and extra-biblical literature.

The Dead Sea Scrolls have made a profound impact on biblical studies, especially in the area of scribal transmission. Dating back to the time of Christ, the documents pre-date the Masoretic Text of Hebrew Scriptures by 1,000 years and demonstrate the accuracy of scribal transmission over the centuries.

The Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible exhibition will run from July 2012 - January 2013 in the seminary's new MacGorman Chapel and Performing Arts Center. More information can be found at www.SeeTheScrolls.com.


NEW HOPE BOOKS VIA NOOK -- Dozens of titles from New Hope Publishers are now available for the Nook. With free Nook apps from New Hope, its books can be read on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC devices.

Among New Hope's 130-plus titles are "Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care," "Not in My Town: Exposing and Ending Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery," "Live a Praying Life!" and six fiction titles from Kathi Macias.

New Hope, which represents 80-plus authors, is the trade publishing imprint for WMU in Birmingham, Ala., a missions auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention. For more information, visit www.NewHopeDigital.com.

Compiled by Baptist Press staff.

Copyright (c) 2012 Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist Press www.BPNews.net

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