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In California, More Than a Revolution—A Bear Flag Restoration

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“There’s a little bit of a revolution going on in California.” – President Trump

A nation survives, commerce thrives, and crime and corruption take a dive because of the rule of law. In California, we are witnessing a change from death to life, in which moribund citizens, outraged by the callous arrogance of Sacramento politicians, have signaled their frustration. Cities and counties are refusing to comply with a state law that is in brazen violation of the United States Constitution and federal immigration laws. These citizens are vocal, not violent protesters. They are flooding city council meetings and the chambers of their county Boards. They want one rule of law, and they want an end to the crime, corruption, and coddling of illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens. 


California began with a Bear Flag Revolt, short-lived because most of the Mexican nationals wanted to become Americans, and many were ready for the transition from failed Latin American state to North American success story. The Mexican-American war turned into a North American victory. The United States received the entire Southwest (with the Gadsden Purchase to follow four years later). Mexico got $40 million (today’s equivalent, $1 billion). Mexican nationals who wanted to become Americans, became Americans.

A century and a half later, the descendants of European and Mexican settlers, combined with immigrants from all over the world, are reasserting their love of country, constitutionalism, and community. Across the state citizens are neither witnessing nor fomenting a revolution. Instead, a Bear Flag Restoration is roaring across the Golden State. Readers see “revolution” and imagine violence, bloodshed, anarchy, followed by imposed order and ruthless disregard for individual rights, i.e. the French Revolution. In stark, blessed contrast, the Founders and their countrymen fought the American Revolution to affirm the rights of the American colonists, who rightly viewed themselves as Englishmen with the same rights as their peers across the Atlantic Ocean. Those principles—in God We Trust, individual liberty, E Pluribus Unum, constitutional republicanism—define this experiment called “America”. We Californians want those rights and realities restored in our state.

The last straw for many Californians came from Sanctuary State, but the long train of abuses should include suppression of speech, forced indoctrination of the youth, coerced unionism, unmitigated gun control (with confiscation waiting in the wings). The “little people” have had enough and are making a big scene. In previous reports, I detailed “The Second Shot Heard Round the World” in Los Alamitos, a small charter city in Orange County, California which passed their Constitution Compliance ordinance on March 19th, 2018. One month later, they officially registered the law in their municipal code. Sure, the American Civil Liberties Union (what a misnomer) has filed a lawsuit. Can they fend off multiple lawsuits, however?


The lingering fallout of a whimpering, SJW revolution reared its ugly, diminishing head on the front lawn of the city as well as throughout the block. Police from five different Orange County jurisdictions arrived on site to keep the peace. Violence briefly erupted between pro-sanctuary and anti-sanctuary forces. The same left-wing special interests and their paid agitators showed up as they had done for other city council meetings throughout Orange County that past month.

A small band set up on the front lawn of city hall. The singers put to music the same tired tirades of the California protest culture: “No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” The empty epithets carry no sting, no victory anymore. The coalition of angry citizens across the state comes from all races, colors, and backgrounds. Immigrants—those who entered this country legally, mind you—are just as outraged with the lawless Sanctuary State policy and want law and order, peace and freedom restored. Yes: restored.

For the first time in nearly two years, I connected with members of the loyal opposition. I saw college students who had rallied with great passion and vehemence two months ago trying to save DACA. Now they are trying to stave off the return to normalcy. The kids have played their social justice warrior games long enough. We the People are tired of paying for it, fed up with the incessant protest culture shaming us because we love this country, everything that it stands for, and everything on which it is founded. Now even the riled up college students are starting to listen again.


Partisans lined up in front of a city council chambers designed to seat only 44 people. Not everyone of us could wait for five hours in a sudden cold snap. Notwithstanding my frustration, friends of mine—born in Taiwan, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the Philippines—spoke out in favor of this unprecedented ordinance to re-affirm the supremacy of the United States Constitution, the rule of law, the rights of citizens, and the restoration of constitutional republicanism.

The most poignant moment of that evening? Nick Iaonnidis, aka Nick the Greek in America, the Founder of Immigrants Day. He raged against the abuses he has routinely suffered in his adopted city of Huntington Park, but found an audience of elected officials. What a fitting moment for a state refitting itself to the proper order: an American citizen, once an immigrant from Greece, praises a local government fighting against an abusive state undermining the rights of citizens.

That’s what America is about. This is not revolutionary, since this exchange of ideas has endured for two centuries. Besides, why would anyone change what is already working? This peaceful citizen-uprising is restoration at its finest. Within two days after Los Alamitos final vote on their Constitution Compliance ordinance, San Diego County rejected Sanctuary State with a lawsuit, and the cities of Beaumont, Lake Forest, Dana Point, and Laguna Niguel opted out, as well. Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties are waking up, too. 

This is not a revolution, Mr. President, but a Bear Flag Restoration, and we need your help.


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