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Last month, I wrote that we needed “Mo” conservatives, and I endorsed Congressman Mo Brooks to succeed Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the United States Senate. I thought Brooks had the best chance of beating down former Alabama Attorney General and Interim US Senator Luther Strange in the special election. The Senate Conservatives Fund kind of nudged me in that direction. I have noticed, however, that that conservative group is batting about .333 to .505 when it comes to endorsements. Some of their candidates win, some of them back down when an otherwise retiring incumbent jumps back in the race. Sadly, in more cases they just don’t make.

The good news for all of us “militant normals”, as Kurt Schlichter calls us, Judge Roy Moore was the top vote getting in the August primary. Now he’s the front-runner going into the September 26, 2017 run-off, too. What’s happening in Alabama? Why do we see such a rough-and-tumble for the heart and soul of the Republican Party in the Yellowhammer State? Why would the National Republican Senatorial Committee spend big bucks in a deep red paradise, as though the fate of the country depended on it? Actually, the fate of the political class, both Democrat and Republican, depends on a Strange victory. But We the People want more conservatives, more constitutionalist patriots—and we need Roy Moore!

How did I miss this one? What did the Senate Conservatives Fund miss, too, that they went for Mo Brooks? For my part, I never believed that Brooks was bad, and I had no idea that he had dithered in his support for President Trump. He got on board the Trump Train a little later than most (and that includes me). Perhaps all of us looked at Moore as a spent commodity. He had been elected to the highest judicial office in the state, then thrown out of office by the political powers that be because: 1) He refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the State Supreme Court building. 2) He refused to recognize or rule on the gay marriage decision forced on the country in 2015.

He’s already a winner in my book. Judge Moore man defines “backbone of steel.” Unlike most politicians, especially conservatives, he put his political and judicial career on the line. He didn’t get sore because he was removed from office. He ran a second time for the judicial seat in the Alabama Court system and won! Now he’s running for US Senate, and it looks like he will win.

But still, why did some of the conservative activists and think-tanks go for Mo instead of Moore? They saw Brooks having better access to money and political machinery, perhaps. After all, Cuccinnelli and company claimed that Brooks had the best chance for a reason. But that’s not how things turned out. I am still new at this political ball game, and even the card-carrying book-learning conservatives need to get with the populist program. Trump changed everything when he ran on a commitment to the concerns of Middle American voters rather than worrying about what he had said or done in decades past. Some of us conservatives still don’t realize how militant the average American has become.

Especially in Alabama. This state passed stricter immigration laws than Arizona. The unemployment rate plummeted as illegals fled the state, and Alabamians lined up for work including farm labor. So much for the “Americans won’t do the work” lie. Alabama has been on the cutting edge of fighting corruption, too. Recall that last year conservative activists forced out former Governor Richard Bentley for campaign (and personal) improprieties. Being Republican is not enough for Alabamians. It should not be enough for any of us.

Judge Moore is an outsider, for sure, and an outspoken one. Did some of us worry that this powerful combination still cannot succeed in electoral politics? Does only Trump have the political magic to win elections by saying what he thinks and not what other people want him to say? This blunt finesse and panache remains a desperate demand from the voting electorate: “Stop being nice. Don’t be afraid to say what we are thinking, even if it makes you unpopular.” Moore has already done that. This impressive jurist also gave an epic smack-down to the smarmy liberal media about the origin of our rights … on CNN no less!

One more thing that we conservatives need to understand: we want conservatives to win, but we have to make sure that they win the hearts of their voters, too. It’s not enough to have the right answers. Do they answer the questions coming out of the mouths of their future constituents, too? Moore already had the ready answers. He had won two statewide elections! Congressman Brooks had only won the views of his 5th District constituents. He not appealed to their concerns on life and family, but he has fought for those values.

Frankly, it’s time that more conservatives took up that fundamental religious liberty fight. President Ronald Reagan ran on a platform of restoring prayer in public schools in 1984. He won by one of the largest landslides in American history, and yet the government still distorts the First Amendment and prevented public prayer in our schools, on high school football fields, and in other public forums. Judge Moore has articulated this frustration long abandoned by the most ardent of conservatives (including Ted Cruz and Rand Paul): “You wonder why we’re having shootings, and killings here in 2017? Because we’ve asked for it. We’ve taken God out of everything. We’ve taken prayer out of school, we’ve taken prayer out of council meetings.”

This country doesn’t just need fiscal restraint, but spiritual revival. Moore epitomizes this necessary restoration of Biblical truth and morality. Without this restored foundation, this country will experience a temporary reprieve from the progressive disaster, but darkness will return. We need more Bible-believing conservatives in Washington. We need Judge Roy Moore in the United States Senate!

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