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“But I Feel Guilty When I Say ‘Deport’!”

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Well, not me per se. I’m with Ann Coulter. She captured the cry of many hearts in this country following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement to rescind DACA:

“We Made Donald %#&@ Trump PRESIDENT -- What Else Can We Do?

Why the outrage? GOP leadership want to make an amnesty Satan Sandwich. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are lining up to help. At least 18 Republicans in the House and the Senate are climbing over themselves to do something about the poor illegal kids. Their average age is 26, by the way—Obamacare metrics for maturity, perhaps?

In spot-on fashion, Coulter reported how the voters in this country—among Republicans, Tea Party activists, and even Democrats, both “moderate” as well as left-wing—have fought militantly against amnesty of any kind. The wide swath of Main Street doesn’t want more immigration.  I have friends and contacts here in Los Angeles County, registered Democrats, who have told me that they will vote Republican if that candidate will stop illegal immigration. This issue is no longer Democrat v. Republican. The consensus to stop the overrunning of our borders by illegals, as well as the swarming of our labor markets with cheap labor is strong. In California, per a study conducted by uber-liberal, anti-free speech UC Berkeley, 80 percent of respondents—80 percent!-oppose sanctuary cities.

What more do we need to shove in our politicians’ faces? We pushed Trump into the White House, and even he doesn’t seem keen on keeping this key promise to repeal DACA and end the backdoor amnesty which has followed. A new report indicatesthat the fraud rates with this unconstitutional program reach as high as 50 percent! Imagine that half the people filling out forms for this temporary stay, which needs to go, are not even eligible for the program. Forget that: these individuals are not even eligible to live in the country to begin with!

Trump won the election, in spite of the most heated efforts from the corrupt media, the political class on both sides of the aisle, plus the finagling of Big Business. Trump even picked up a higher voter margin than Romney in Oakland, Compton, and Inglewood, California last year. Why? These large, urban areas contain black voting blocs, which turned out for Trump since he boldly tackled a key issue which has decimated their communities and opportunities: illegal immigration. “Sanctuary cities are racist!”exclaimed Chanell Temple during a Cudahy city council meeting earlier this year. Her battle cry went viral. Why won’t Washington listen?

It’s not big business—everyone loves seeing Silicon Valley melt into tears, especially after their harsh, fascist boardroom ways have been exposed to the public. Big labor has been taking a big hit on the chin, the gut, and especially their wallets. Right-to-work has made unions stronger for workers, while weakening their corrupt campaign pipelines to the Democratic Party.  La Raza? They are despicable, and even in “browning” California, their numbers are waning ahead of rising Asian immigration.

So what is it?

Guilt. Congressman Ted Lieu smears Republicans as “The party that wants to deport your kids.” What a crock! He and his parents came legally to this country. Can we deport him for betraying us? Yet this guilt trip is still working. Why else would ruby-red Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) get wobbly on deporting illegals: “[W]e as Americans do not hold children legally accountable for the actions of their parent. In the coming months, Congress must address this issue.”

No, Congress doesn’t. When someone gets caught breaking into my house, I don’t have to feed the burglar’s kids. We are not responsible for the illegals who’ve managed to stay in this country into adulthood. They have skills and the will to succeed—they can thrive in their countries of origin. If we want to talk blame, lay the shame at feet of the illegal alien mothers and fathers who brought their kids here. Blame the Democratic Party, too. They killed funding for the border wall in the late 1980s and in 2006. They have shamelessly demagogued this issue to create hardship cases to guilt-trip everyone. In 2010, Democrats held every political card, including a supermajority in the Senate, but they did nothing on immigration, breaking many promises. Of course, the media covered for President Obama then as they do now.

Yet still this undue responsibility lingers over the most hard-core of conservatives because of the young illegals. Guilt just overtakes them: “How heartless can you be?” This is the message I got from one Facebook user after my DACA Repeal celebration in Downtown Los Angeles this week. Saul Alinsky was right: shame is very effective, and it’s still working on conservatives across the board—at least on this issue. Instead of debunking these lies, our government keeps trying to pick up the tab for someone else’s crimes. Paul Ryan wants to “do something.” 

Sorry, folks—the guilt trip is over; well, at least for me. Sadly, not for GOP leadership. It seems the same is true for Trump.  So here’s my answer in not-so-PC fashion: Screw guilt. We are not responsible to care for those illegal “minors.” Time to shame the Left right back—and all the establishment GOP falling for this psychological warfare. 

Newsflash, folks: the world hangs on nothing, but hasn’t crumbled. It’s not as though these kids are completely helpless when they get deported. They have family connections to prepare the way for them in their home countries. The American consulates have been adequately streamlined to ensure that those who want to immigrate legally to this country can do so. And please do not lecture me about separating families. When amnesty panderers find a way to resurrect Kate Steinle, then they can lecture about the young illegals who face deportation. At least those young radicals can still go home, embrace their families and friends, and live their lives. They will survive returning to their home countries and returning legally.

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