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President Trump Does His Job: “You’re Hired! You’re Fired!”

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My favorite football team is The New England Patriots.

I love the logo. Tom Brady is great.

And then there’s the great Belichek: “Do you job!”

Our President (and hard-core patriot) Donald Trump is getting the job done.


As President, he is called to fully execute the laws of our country.

A big part of the job is appointing the best people who embrace his vision for governance to carry about his program: “You’re Hired!”

He also has to get rid of the generals, the bureaucrats, and the White House elite who don’t get the job done: “You’re Fired!”

Hiring and firing are crucial to any administration, and cannot be overlooked in the Presidency. Creative destruction is the norm in the best companies. Fortune 500 corporations don’t stay wealthy and prosperous by clinging to the bottom ten percent who don’t produce and don’t care. In some firms, the worst performing employees get a year to look for a different career then “You’re fired!” Sometimes, it’s the best thing that can happen to you. Just ask Omarosa, who met with Trump and Dr. Ben Carson to commemorate Black History Month.

Abraham Lincoln burned through Union generals like an irate casting director. They either had “the slows”, wanted fame and glory (Burnside), or were plotting to take President Lincoln in the 1864 Election (McClellan). Then, he found Ulysses S. Grant: “He fights!” Lincoln announced. He was hired, and the Civil War finally ended.

Contrast Lincoln with President Obama, who did not expect his staff to enforce laws. He did nothing when two Virginia socialites crashed his inaugural ball in 2009. Leadership or deputy personnel should have lost their jobs in White House security. Election 2016, and intruders were scaling the White House fence and dashing in 100 feet before capture. Again, heads should have rolled, but nothing hit the ground. By then, a pattern of non-enforcement emboldened brazen trespassing.


Same thing happened at the international level, when Obama spent more time apologizing for the non-sins of the Bush Administration, then doing nothing after he drew a “red line” in Syria.

The people he hires make all the difference in defining Trump’s administration. After all, the President of the United States cannot run the entire Executive branch on his own. It wouldn’t hurt for him to scale back or remove entire departments. Hopefully, his current nominees for cabinet positions will ensure a steady dismantling and decommission of unnecessary Executive bureaucracies (Department of Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development).

So far, Trump’s hiring prowess has been exemplary:

1. Betsy DeVos for the Department of Education—This woman enrages Democrats, labor unions, and the regressive Left like nails on a chalk board. What do they hate her? Unlike the wealthy Washington political class, she believes that every child, regardless of economic status, should enroll in the best school, not forced to enroll in the closest one. To US Senator Chris Murphy’s dismay, she also believes that school personnel should have a right to protect themselves with a concealed firearm.

2. Dr. Tom Price for the Department of Health and Human Services. The Left is apoplectic. Price has commensurate, commendable private sector experience. As Congressman, he has voted consistently to repeal Obamacare, and has drawn up plans to replace that bureaucratic monstrosity.


A boss or President’s hiring choices are not just about getting the job done, but ensuring a successful legacy. The CEO goes beyond his staff and leadership in-house and looks for quality talent outside the firm.

Which brings us to:

3. Neil Gorsuch, nominee for the Supreme Court to replace Justice Scalia. This is a stable, thoroughly vetted selection, and he has not even appeared before the Judiciary committee yet. You and I know more about this federal circuit court judge than previous nominees, not just where he went to college and law school. Gorsuch lines up with the core philosophy and erudite learning of his predecessor.

Now to the firing process. President Trump is getting the job done, and the media’s hissy fit proves it.

1. Sally Yates, Acting Attorney General

Enforcement of our laws is crucial. Non-compliance has become an uncomfortable norm in the United States. Obama flouted the law with abandon. He issued executive orders, crossing Constitutional limits.

Yates refused to defend Trump’s constitutional temporary ban on refugees/travelers/arrivals from seven key countries, the same countries which Obama had previous listed as targeted areas for concern. Yate’s disobedience was not courage, nor was it honest dissent. Yates’ insubordination was catty politicking.

If Yates was a conscientious objector, she should have submitted her resignation, as President Richard Nixon’s first Attorney General had done to protest Nixon’s order to fire Watergate Special prosecutor Archibald Cox.


2. Daniel Ragsdale, Acting (as if!) Chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The press is shaming Trump for not providing a reason.

That alone exposes how corrupt and deceitful the Obama Administration had become. The Obama Administration was routinely suppressing the power of border and immigration control. The fact that the acting director was sticking to the eight year routine of “catch and release” or “Do what the previous President told me to” is reason enough to fire the guy.

Why is the liberal media bent out of shape over two firings, anyway? They were hoping that the new boss would be just like the old one. Surprisingly, federal department heads are now expected to do what they swore an oath to do: uphold the Constitution and protect Americans. If they can’t do their job, or won’t for whatever reason, they need to hit the road.

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