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Congressman John Lewis (D-Atlanta) advertises himself as a Civil Rights Idol from the moment he takes the podium, to the end of the night when he falls asleep. He might as well wear a shirt that reads “I am a Civil Rights Icon!” On the back, the shirt would have: “I can say and do whatever I want to, and you cannot argue with me!”


When the Democratic minority wanted a vote on gun control legislation, Lewis led the sit-in last year. Why Lewis? Why not Nancy Pelosi, or even Sheila Lee Jackson or Maxine Waters? The Democratic caucus wanted to create as much of a media sensation as possible, and to ensure that their illegal sit-in would continue with minimal interruption from the Republican majority.  A black politician would not be enough. Lewis fit their political agenda best because he is a Civil Rights Idol.

If Republicans leaders called in the House Sergeant-at-Arms or the Washington DC police to have Lewis arrested, he would coast on his mythic savior status from decades past and make himself a martyr for “the cause of justice”. The media uproar to follow would distort the Republicans into bitter-clinging backward bigots, while the Democrats would be heroes the gun violence victims and the common man.

The Democratic Party has played this Civil Rights Idol/Race Card very effectively for the past 30 years. It was instrumental in turning Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday into a federal holiday. Congressman Bob Dornan (R-CA) had to acknowledge his respect for Lewis before relentlessly criticizing Lewis’ fawning praise for then-President Bill Clinton. Presidential Candidate Obama enjoined a smooth campaign to victory as Republicans grappled with how to refute or criticism the president’s policies without looking or sounding “racist” for doing so. Presidential candidate John McCain had to apologize for voting against MLK Day over twenty years prior.  McCain even cut a television ad congratulating the first black major party nominee. Since when has a Republican promoted the Democratic opposition during a general election? Oh, that’s right, Romney …


With decades-long support from the media and the political establishment, Lewis and other race-card playing Civil Rights Idols knew that they could slam their opponents without reprisal, including the current President. Lewis called Trump as an “illegitimate President”, drawing on the same tired lies from the media and the DNC: "I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton."

Newsflash, Johnny: Hillary Clinton destroyed her own candidacy with her repeated lies, theft, and deceit, along with the true reporting of Wikileaks, which published her corrupt, globalist scheming. The DNC rigged the primary process for Hillary Clinton, colluding with the corrupt media to trash Republicans and diminish Bernie Sanders. Another newsflash: the media which have painted Lewis as an untouchable icon have established their own illegitimacy. They ignored the numerous crimes committed by the former Secretary of State (as well as the soon-to-be former President). They pushed an elitist narrative that Republicans are so bad, that a Democrat must win election, no matter how incompetent or corrupt they may be.

And the Democrat lost.

And guess what? Donald Trump flaunted the major networks and overcame their race-baiting. When Lewis rejected Trump’s legal and moral right to be President, Trump characteristically went on the attack: “Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district …rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad!”


A Republican, elected to the White House did not hesitate to call out this Civil Rights Idol. It is morning in America, and our leaders are no longer going to play defense for fear of the race card! Lewis threw a trumper-tantrum, and now 40 (or more) Democratic lawmakers are not attending the inauguration. Whatever. Lewis lied when he claimed that this was the first time he was boycotting a similar ceremony. Lewis isn’t getting the desired result this time.

More people have come forward exposing Lewis for the uncivil fraud he really is. Former Black Panther Mason Weaver acknowledged that Lewis fought against the segregationist Democrats. Then Lewis joined the oppressors for selfish political gain (like other black Democratic politicians). Urban ghettoes like Atlanta (which Lewis claims to represent) are now littered with bad schools, rising crime, few job opportunities, but a lot of government dependence. Weaver unabashedly slammed “Civil Rights Idol” John Lewis for these failures.

By the way, for all his talk about protecting the civil rights of American-Americans, where was His Civil Rights Holiness John Lewis to fight for the rights of former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran? Cochran was fired for his Christian beliefs, which he shared on his own time. That was discrimination based on speech and religion, and completely uncalled for—but Lewis has been missing in action.


Weaver—a black Republican—has now been joined by white Republicans:

US Senator Rand Paul articulated this new attitude toward race and civil rights hustlers: “John Lewis isn't in a position where there can't be a healthy debate back and forth. Because he's a civil rights icon shouldn't make him immune.”

Maine Governor Paul LePage gave Rep. Lewis a long-overdue history lesson, pointing out how Republicans fought to end slavery, passed Civil Rights legislation and then anti-lynching laws, and provided the crucial votes to pass the Voting Rights Acts of the 1960s.

Civil Rights leaders like John Lewis have been untouchable for too long. Anyone who had challenged them, especially if they were Republicans, would get smeared as racist, bigoted, or hateful. This game of “Civil Rights Idol Outrage” has been played before, and almost every time, Lewis and other black (Democratic) politicians would foment their displeasure about something, and they automatically got a pass for saying whatever they wanted to, even if their remarks were unfound.

Not anymore.

Our President-Elect trumped Lewis’ unjustified outrage, and I look forward to Lewis’ voters demanding accountability from him next, regardless of his civil rights past.

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