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President-elect Trump is quickly assembling his Executive cabinet. Key leaders in Congress are ready to repeal Obamacare and the disastrous Iran deal. But on immigration, legislators in Congress are already moving against his long-term plans--and the will of the people. It’s not so much that I’m surprised, as astonished—at the rank stupidity or suicidal arrogance of some elected officials—Sen. Lindsey Graham specifically—and he’s at it again.


During the primary, Trump punked Graham by releasing his phone number to the public. Undeterred, Graham desperately tried to break into the first-tier. He cut one commercial: 18 Ways to Destroy Your Phone, or whatever. Thankfully, presidential candidate Graham crumbled away soon after that, not that anyone noticed. I wish he would just go away, forever.

Like a large set of establishment types, Senator Graham has taken belly-aching to a new level, all because his Republican candidate (anyone but Trump) didn’t win.

Now he’s targeting the biggest reasons why Trump win in the first place: illegal immigration.

But instead of assisting Trump, he wants to stop him carrying out Trump’s pro-enforcement platform.

According to Politico: Graham wants to “extend legal protections for previously undocumented immigrants who came here as children — benefits granted under a 2012 directive from President Barack Obama that are at risk with the incoming Trump administration.”

Here comes the immediate rant: illegals are not “undocumented.” These individuals in the country are here illegally. They do not deserve the term “immigrant.” They are illegal aliens. And before anyone plays the race card, I have Hispanic friends up and down the state of California—yes, the cobalt blue not-so-Golden State—who agree with me.

Anyone who enters this country must do so legally. Those individuals must reside legally. We have 95 million people out of work in this country! They need jobs, and they deserve the first chance to get those jobs (and Trump has already helped the economy more than His Lawlessness Barack Obama). 


Graham wants to defend the illegals? A summary in three words: amnesty, amnesty, and amnesty.

He seems hell-bent on "80 Ways to Destroy This Country."


But then the amnesty-pandering s’more tries to sound tough yet balanced, or as the marginalized liberal media would claim—‘reasonable’: “You can't just randomly pick people and give them legal status as president. That is outside of the constitutional authority of the president. He chose to do that."

No kidding, Lindsey!

But why does this senator want to want to pick on “young people” and grant them protections? How about the young people who are already here, who were born here? What about their dreams?

All this pussy-footing around a serious issue—national security and border integrity—is not some philosophical exercise or a political science debate. The dragging and compromising has dire consequences. People are dying along our borders because there is no law enforcement. Terrorists are invading our country. Instead of protecting the well-being of the 320 million Americans, Senators Graham (and also Flake and McCain) want to get all “compassionate conservative” about the illegal aliens in our nation.

I am tired of reading about the plaints and sorrows of our elected officials, who are all bent out of shape because a two year old entered this county through the illegal actions of the parents.

No, Jeb! (and the Democrats and the Globalist Republicans) —illegal immigration is not an act of love. It was not an act of love when an illegal alien from Honduras—who had come as a “minor” four years ago—set a warehouse on fire in Los Angeles, killing five Americans, including 18-year-old Tierra Stansberry. Or tell me how it’s an act of love to not enforce our laws, which allowed illegal aliens to kill Marcello Bisarello, Ruben Morfin, Dominic Durden, and thousands of others? These are Americans, and their lives would have never been lost if our government had simply enforced the law.


And yet, the Open Border Lobby often fires back with statements like this: "They came here as minors. Now they have grown up in America. They have no other country to go back to."

That is patently untrue.

Even the Los Angeles Times detailed the accounts of illegal alien minors who return to extend families in other countries. SoCal Connected documented the life of a family reunited … in their country of origin. But for those killed by illegals—there is no country to come back to, either, and their families are forever separated.

Let’s get to the borderline of this issue. What is really going on here?

Graham is doing what his donors want him to. This is the Chamber of Commerce—La Raza Coffee Klatch guilt-tripping the American people into granting amnesty. History lesson, Amnestarians: We tried that in 1986. President Reagan in good faith signed off on the Simpson-Mizzolli amnesty bill, with the understanding that Congress would appropriate funds to secure our border and stop rising illegal immigration. Border security never followed, and the funding has been stripped since then.

Today, Obama forces border security to stand out and serve as greeters and hosts for illegal ales—many crossing by the hundreds every day into our country.

Enough is enough!

Donald Trump won the -residency because of self-serving electeds like Graham who want to shame the American voter just because they deserve what even the immigrants are seeking: the rule of law and national security. Graham’s legislative theatrics are going nowhere, but the fact that he is promoting to protect “Dreamers” who are not citizens—that’s just outrageous!


I am fed up with my compassion—and the compassion of the American people—being placed on trial, and “undocumented” politicians like Lindsey Graham represent everything wrong with this perverse mentality.

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