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I cannot hide my schadenfreude about the Election 2016 Libertarian ticket.

Gary Johnson and William Weld should call themselves the LINO team.

They are completely “Libertarian in Name Only.”

Gary Johnson loves his open borders, and he has embraced Barack Obama's executive amnesty.

What a joke!

This guy flew off the handle when Guy Benson of called illegal aliens "illegal.” This harsh exchange is no fantasy. Check out the interview here.

Gary Johnson is offended by the term "illegal immigrant." He insisted—twice—that  Benson refrain from using the term "illegal" to describe people whose presence in this country is a violation of the law. Incredible. I really have to hand it to journalist Benson for not letting the presidential candidate getting away with treating illegal immigration like a big fat nothing. It's a huge issue, especially for the men and women who have lost safety and security, employment and wealth, or who have lost loved ones killed by illegal aliens.

How embarrassing for Johnson.

There have been other interview faux-pas, too!

Not once but twice, Johnson has flubbed famously on foreign policy issues, even though they have mocked Trump's potential international expertise. He did not know what 'Aleppo' was. That is sad and embarrassing. That city is witnessing the massive destruction of men, women, and children in the midst of a flaming cauldron of sectarian and tribal rivalries.

He also couldn't name one foreign leader he admired. MSNBC screwball Chris Matthews, who lives to skewer Republican chances, tried to assist the Libertarian candidate during another pop-quiz. Johnson blanked, again. Even if he genuinely could not think of an admirable foreign leader, he exposed his arrogance as well as ignorance.  Even Weld couldn't cover for Johnson's joke of a performance.

I can think of three on the fly: Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Marine Le Pen of Le Front National in France, Nicholas Sarkozy, former French President, and the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban (OK, that was four).

Now, let's talk about what they think of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

ABC's left-wing anchor Chris Cuomo tried to get a feel for how Gary Johnson and William Weld felt about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Following key word associations, we learned how these Libertarian candidates felt about the President and the other Presidential candidates running for office.

What did Gary Johnson think of Barack Obama? "Good guy."

Really? Awful. The Libertarian ticket is completely out of touch with the ups and downs of Middle America and their private lives.

What about William Weld’s opinion of Obama? "Statesman-like."

Now the ticket went from derisive to dangerous. There has been nothing—nothing

at all—statesman-like about Obama. He is a Chicago community organizer out to push his progressive agenda, using brute state power, whether the Constitution wants it or not, shoving aside anyone who stands in his way.

Obama has lied, bullied, and trolled his political opposition, expanding the role of the state into our daily lives with no regard for what is right, good, or true. Shame on him!

What did they have to say about Hillary Clinton? These admissions are truly embarrassing:

Gary Johnson, after hemming and hawing for a few seconds, blurted out: "A wonderful public servant."

Yes, Hillary Clinton, the wonderful public servant who:

1. Lied about her inaction following the death of four diplomats in Benghazi, Libya

2. Tried to scrub the talking points and any meaningful discussion about the issue

3. Ran a corrupt Foundation funneling and laundering money from rogues, thugs, dictators, and Islamic terrorists

4. Apparently allowed her predator husband to rape numerous women, and still covers for his abusive philandering

5. Is a serial lair, with no conception of how to articulate the truth, even when telling the truth would never hurt her.

6. The attorney who smeared a young victim of rape to get off a child predator, and laughed about it years later ...

Yeah, what an incredible public servant. Indeed.

Then William Weld engaged in the same Hillary Clinton hind-lick maneuver: "Good friend, nice kid, shared an office during the Nixon impeachment. Real bond, life-long."

Did he forget that #CrookedHillary Rodham was fired from the Watergate investigation because of her penchant for lying … even then? He still has a life-long bond with that old, corrupted fraud? Sad, very sad.

The Johnson-Weld tag team is the epitome Liberal-tarianism or Il-Libertarianism. They are a gross disappointment who should thank the media polling apparatus for keeping them off the debate sage

Johnson wants a carbon tax, supports executive amnesty, and would throw Christians in jail for not catering events celebrating homosexual conduct.

William Weld is the epitome of RINO-awful. As governor, he shoved abortion, gay marriage, and big government environmentalism onto Massachusetts. His legacy includes Charlie Baker, a total RINO who thinks it's a good idea to allow men into women's restrooms if they think that they are women. This transgender agenda is played up as part of the “live and let live” mentality, but is actually hurting our society, putting women and children at risk. Yet the Massachusetts GOPe think that blurring genetic distinctions is somehow "progressive."

By the way, William Weld loves assault weapons bans and playing nice with the Massachusetts Democratic Kleptocracy. To this day, LINO Weld has consistently endorsed pro-Big Government, tyranny Democrats over fellow Republicans in Commonwealth legislative races.

But really, should we be surprised?

Weld admitted that his larger goal has been to slow down Trump's rise. Admittedly, the Donald is doing more damage to his own campaign (sadly). At least Johnson-Weld are hurting Hillary Clinton's chances in key states (good news for me!)

Let's face it. Instead of standing on principle and nominating a Presidential ticket based on its values, Libertarian voters looked for a pragmatic "celebrity" ticket that wavered on key issues, including life, liberty, and the proper individual pursuit of happiness. No one should be surprised that the last A-list Libertarian Presidential candidate (from 1988) Ron Paul won't vote for Johnson-Weld, the ill-libertarian embarrassment.


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