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Election 2016 is like a fairytale, a story of good evil.

So much good has prevailed. Yet evil still lurks in the background.

When Cruz trounced the Donald by double digits and walked away with the store in Kansas, I knew that this race was going to be more than a smooth coronation for a crass vulgarian.


And yet, I owe Donald some thanks. He burned up Bush as the Washington Cartel burned up their cash supporting a third installment of New England big government Republicanism.

Cruz won Maine—a New England state where the plain-spoken Governor had already endorsed Donald Trump. Incredible! Voters told the Pine Tree state governor Paul LePage: “Tell him to kiss my butt!”

True, Donald Trump has his fair share of supporters. Talking “Fair Trade”, “good deals” and “I will build a wall” will get lots of people lining up behind you. With those large crowds comes another crop of followers: not Kalidahs, not field mice, and better than the New York press corps: every politician looking to get reelected in 2016, and riding the Donald Trump wave.

Political correctness must give way to … correctness, not crap and corruption. Donald has made it safe to speak your mind, despite the political correctness cabal of the mainstream media. He’s a lot like the Scarecrow though. If he hold had a brain.

Ted Cruz can speak, and has a mind worth listening to.

Donald, you’re not in Kansas anymore, and neither is the rest of this country.

The conservatives are angry, but the answer is not to careen like a drunken tornado through New York City, Los Angeles, or somewhere out in the flat Midwest.

The answer is to the follow the Yellow Brick Road, to elect representatives who will respect the Golden Rule toward their constituents and this country. We have this thing called a Constitution, and the deals start with Congress. The President signs off and carries out the legislated directives of the body politick. For too long, Congressional representatives, even Republicans following their epic victories in 2014, have continued behaving like Munchkins waiting for the next special interest or corporate lobbyist who will give them a lolly-pop.


“We wish to welcome you to K Street!” chimed the chorus up and down DC.

Those days are over.

After eight (OK sixteen counting Bush 43) years of big government backroom deals, voters are ready to throw their houses at these three-piece suit goons, if they could. But too many of them have lost their homes from the bad market, or do not even want to own one. Enough already!

A bucket of water got rid of the Wicked Witch of the West. What will get rid of the unruly cronyism of deficit spending, bureaucratic wrangling, and regulatory tyranny?

Not President Trump (or Cruz, for that matter). The President is not—cannot be—some ditzy witch (or warlock, if we are talking about men) who waves a magic wand and makes everything all better. The American People need more than protection from the flying monkeys of Wall Street. We need to remember the three words at the front of the Founding Charter: “We the People”.

That’s you and me. Don’t just stand there and look pretty in ruby slippers (or  grinding your teeth). Stop waiting for someone (or somewhere) over the rainbow for a miracle. Want to make America Great Again, America? Start doing more than voting—or staying at home and grousing because the candidate you wanted did not get the nomination.

The middle class in this country wants to click their heels and repeat: “There’s no place like home.”


“Home" is becoming a drastically different place.

This America, this United States has changed so—no, too—drastically.

Yes, people want their country back. They want to go back to the comforts of Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. When men and women knew who they were (and could tell the difference). When you worked and earned the rewards of your labor, and when the bad guys got what they deserved, too.

People do not like what eight years of Barack Obama—the Wicked Witch of the Southside—has created. And yet, furious with the political cravenness of the Second Bush (New England Republicanism, why bother?)

Have they learned their lesson? We need to stop seeing Washington DC as our Emerald City, the source of all our wealth and goodness. The only green left is not the money printed ad infinitum from the Federal Reserve. Just the greed of the influence-peddlers, humbugs pretending to be wizards.

Pull aside the curtains people. Stop acting like cowardly lions.

The voters in this country have been acting like scared little farm girls. They have fallen into a different land. While the Wicked Witch of the East—the Washington Establishment, its feet all curled up with no body worth moving--Dorothy, where are you? Dorothy!

The voters need to stop looking at the trees. And no, they’re not throwing anything at us.


Marco Rubio, like a bronzed Tin Woodsman, has run out of heart.

Then there’s the kind and saintly Tin Woodsman, played by Ohio Governor John Kasich. He wants to stay positive, be nice, be liked—all the cringe-worthy elements which have enabled Washington to get bigger faster under our sleepy eyes.

It’s time to stop telling ourselves stories.

It’s time stomp our feet and step back into the light.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, but the future is looking bright.

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