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I Love A Debate

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Where have I been?

I feel like Roger Ebert after reviewing  a second sequel, which was actually better than the first.

Maybe I am more like Jane Fonda, whose later years have turned out much better than her first time acting (Okay, way too much of a stretch.)


The last two Republican debates have been awesome! I love these debates!

The New Hampshire exchange was incredible.

Chris Christie (before he suspended his campaign) dressed down Marco Rubio like no one else. I like what Ann Coulter wrote: New Jersey man destroys child.

She forgot to add: little boy with shiny boots who wants to be liked.

I listened and listened again to Rubio repeat the mantra about Obama wanting to fundamentally transform this country.

Fundamentally. Transform. This Country.

Yes, we got it Marco. We also understood everything that you said to the Spanish news channels, that you were not going to rescind Obama’s executive amnesty for the illegal alien minors. I am so tired of politicians who keep pandering to some ephemeral class of people who want open borders and care nothing about the rule of law or the rights and privileges of citizens.

Citizen Carly Fiorina understood the fight at stake for our honor and status as free people in this country. The continued botched efforts of the Washington political class, or “The Washington Cartel” is all about what lines their pockets, regardless of whether we have nothing in our own and end up in unemployment lines at the same time.

New Hampshire was the last stand for the New England Republicans and their lingering favorite, Gov. Christie. He had advertised himself for the past seven months as the guy who “tells it like it is,” and yet few of us believed him anymore. He talked tough to the teacher’s unions, but spent more time playing nice with the Democrats in Trenton. He did nothing for the New Jersey Republicans, and now Republican primary voters will be doing nothing for him.


Immigration is the dividing line. Grassroots is the other one. If you want to run with the Old Boys Club, then the rest of the gang is running you out. Graham, Gilmore, along with Pataki and crew have left the station for good. Can you imagine spending $35 million with nothing more to show for it but a few percentage points? Jeb does not have to imagine. That’s his legacy in election 2016. And I am loving every minute of it.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I appreciate his one act of love (not pushing amnesty down our throats). He called Donald Trump a "jerk!” Yes, so glad he got that off his chest, and read my mind. He then slammed Trump—In debate eight and nine--that the Jerk from New York City who tried to push an old lady out of her townhome in New Jersey. Cruz made a great commercial about it, with little kids playing with a Donald doll, wrecking homes and playing at president (just like the Trumpster). Funny stuff.

I am so glad that the Republican candidates are giving the real estate mogul a dose of his own medicine. Cruz just excoriated the Yuge frontrunner on every flip-flop he could flout. Abortion? Anytime. Marriage? Anyone (three wives for Trump, plus his daughter if they weren’t related). God, guns, and getting the vote? Trump has said just about anything that would get him the ratings and the range he wants. With all the booing and clapping during debate nine, I was starting to wonder whose hired hacks they were.


One of the best lines? Ted Cruz answered Rubio in Spanish, when he called out the Florida Senator for giving different answers to different audiences. You see, people, Rubio is multilingual. He speaks English, Spanish, but also Tea Party, Establishment, and Amnesty, depending on who is listening. 

How’s that for diversity? Speaking of diversity, did anyone notice that the Republican Party has two Hispanic front-runners? Of course not, because skin color only matters to Democrats, and only when dividing Republicans when liberals have nothing substantive to discuss.

What else have I loved about the last two recent debates?

Jeb is cratering. Good-bye, Establishment, you’ve got to go! (sung to the tune of “Bohemian Rhapsody”)

Bush keeps crying “Momma! Ooooh! Didn’t mean to make you cry. I almost wish I had never been born a Bush at all!"

Speaking of another one biting the dust, why is Kasich still here?

Oh yeah, he won in New Hampshire, where winning is now defined as “second place.” He needs to go back to Ohio and make amends for his big government spirituality. He won, er … came in second because he lived there for months and talked to lots of Democrats who think he is just like Hillary.

Another thing to tell the son of the postman: Don’t ring twice!

I am so tired of Holy Roller Kasich: “God loves you, and would love you to love the government intruding into your lives as much as I do. And shame on you if you do not agree with me and the eleven million illegal aliens who will become citizens under my watch.”


The demise of Kasich is nigh, and with him the tradition of Iowa and New Hampshire determining winners and losers so suddenly and so soon in this race.

In all, what makes these debates first rate? They are actually fighting with each other, clashing over ideas, forced to distinguish themselves.

Except for the good doctor Ben Carson. We need his anti-PC strength again, and now it seems to have gone south for the winter, to Florida. 

No, Cruz did not lie, and neither does Carson, but he needs to give his campaign a rest. It has flat-lined.

Debates nine and eight were great with great candidates. I could vote for most of them (even Trump) come November.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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