GOP Convention Themes Announced

Posted: Aug 12, 2008 11:47 AM
GOP Convention Themes Announced

Republicans are planning to emphasize the theme of “Country First” during the four days of the GOP convention where John McCain will formally accept his party’s nomination for president.

Each day of the convention will have subthemes to complement “Country First.” The first day of the convention, Monday September 1, will focus on “service,” Tuesday will be dedicated to “reform,” Wednesday “prosperity” and Thursday “peace.”

Keynote speakers have not yet been announced for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. McCain will deliver the final keynote speech on Thursday in ceremony where he will officially become the GOP's presidential nominee.

Democrats announced their theme, “Securing America’s Future,” and all of their keynote speakers, save one, for their own convention Monday.

The Democratic National Convention will open with a keynote address by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, based on the theme “One Nation” on Monday, August 25. Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will headline the convention Tuesday night by giving a speech about “Renewing America’s Promise.” On Wednesday Obama’s still-unnamed vice presidential pick will deliver an acceptance speech, followed by Obama’s formal acceptance speech Thursday night.