Push for Anti-War Language in Dem Platform

Posted: May 01, 2008 11:20 AM
Push for Anti-War Language in Dem Platform

Anti-war superdelegates are calling on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to incorporate anti-war language into the Democratic platform.

“We must hold them accountable,” said Rep. Barbara Lee (D.-Calif.), who has endorsed Obama. She said the Democratic platform should be changed to a “party platform that reflects the sentiments of the grassroots.”

Lee is part of Win Without War, an anti-war advocacy group. WWW organized a conference call with Clinton-supporting superdelegates, Obama-supporting superdelegates and undecided superdelegates to demand the Democratic Party commit to withdrawing troops from Iraq, ending torture and closing Guantanamo Bay.

“The Democratic Party must be crystal clear, there can be no question on that,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D.-Mass.). He said there should not be “watered down or fuzzy language when it comes to Iraq.”

WWW superdelegates were eager to contrast their candidacy’s foreign policy with that of GOP presidential candidate John McCain.

Clinton-supporter Rep. Jim Moran (D.-Va.) said, “We really haven’t made any progress in terms of congressional limitations of this war so that’s why it matters who is in the White House.”

Lee emphasized, “Our nominee will offer a stark contrast to the stay the course, head in the sand approach. McCain has pledged to continue the war and we want to make that perfectly clear. His candidacy reflects a contention of the Bush administration’s foreign and military policy, war without end, war at any cost.”

“There is no difference between Clinton and Obama and that’s in sharp contrast with John McCain who is advocating the same old, same old,” said McGovern.

Republican National Committee Spokesman Danny Diaz dismissed McGovern's assessnment. "The choice in this election will be clear: leave Iraq to genocide and catastrophe or ensure our nation achieves victory," Diaz said in a statement.

WWW also sought to link economic struggles to war costs. Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D.-N.Y.) said the rising cost of oil and dropping value of the dollar are “in part because of the consequences in which this president has corruptly engaged in the military occupation of Iraq.”

Hinchey has endorsed Clinton for president.

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