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The True Meaning of Equity

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Greetings, everyone, and Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023! Just last December I had the opportunity to speak at the University of Iowa for Young America's Foundation. The topic of the discussion was DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). I enjoy visiting these college campuses, bastions of progressive socialist leftist thought, and challenging their delusional orthodoxy. I will never forget the student at Northwestern University asking me if I "identified as black.” It is so perplexing that leftists advocate for diversity, but not diversity of thought or opinion.


During the presentation at Iowa, I focused on the word "equity.” I stressed that this word sounded very accommodating, but its true meaning is destructive. For the progressive socialist left, the word equity means equality of outcomes, and that erases any identity of the individual and their achievement. Leftists prefer the collective or groupthink, and vehemently assail any divergence of individual conscience, thought, and excellence. My point is that America is centered on the fundamental premise of equality of opportunity, which is how a kid like me, born in a Blacks-only hospital in 1961 in Atlanta, is able to opine on this conservative media outlet.

Of course, my thesis was met with angst by those left-leaning members of the audience. One even asserted that there are no polar opposite absolutes . . . to which I explained up/down, right/left, front/back, stop/go, and right/wrong.

However, it did not take very long for the comparative absolute meaning of equity to be openly professed by leftists in the declining arena of education. The Washington Examiner recently reported a disturbing incident in Virginia. It appears that one of the State's top high schools, Thomas Jefferson in Fairfax County, had administrators who unilaterally made the decision to not inform students that they had qualified for a national merit award until after scholarship deadlines. The Fairfax County Public Schools recently adopted a theme across the district pushing "equity," defined as "equal outcomes for every student, without exceptions."


Yes, let me reiterate, Fairfax County Public Schools has adopted a mantra of equal outcomes for every student.

Now, we should not be surprised, as the first mention of state control of education came from Karl Marx as one of his planks in the Communist Manifesto. Social egalitarianism is a tenet of socialism, which is an economic ideology that leads to a redefined social stratification, communism. Don't just take my word for it; it was Vladimir Lenin who stated, "the goal of socialism is communism." These deranged administrators of indoctrination believe it is within their right to punish individual achievement for students who sought to excel academically. Their belief is that they sit in some elitist position to determine outcomes and adjudicate them as part of some sick redistribution scheme.

Actually, this is the culture of the participation trophy in the extreme. What is the motivation for our young people to study, work hard, and excel in their studies if some arbitrary government administrator takes it upon themselves to determine their outcome? Worse, they punish them for not staying part of the herd. Instead of manipulating the outcomes, should these administrators be ensuring that there is an equality of opportunity for students to achieve and excel? Should we not have Heisman Trophy winners? No more MVPs in athletic contests? Or is the goal of progressive socialists to alter the outcomes of educating our children?


Remember, it was Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe who admitted publicly that parents had no right in deciding what their children are taught. It now appears the leftists do not believe that children have a right to excel.

This is why educational choice and parental rights in education are civil rights issues of our time...not gender dysphoric privilege. We need more states to do as Florida and Arizona have done and pass educational freedom legislation. Sadly, here in my home state of Texas, the Republican majority State Board of Education voted down school choice. This is not a political party issue; it is a philosophy of governance issue. Who will end up suffering the most from the insidious policy of equal outcomes in education? Yes, for the inner-city kids who are relegated to failing public schools funding should follow a deserving child, not a failing system.

The parents who were affected by this disconcerting decision to punish children over a delusional concept of "fairness" should sue the Fairfax County Public Schools. The administrators who made this decision must be fired. The leftists in America are waging war against our children, believing they are theirs, not the parents. Let us dedicate ourselves in 2023 to protecting our children from the dangerous ideal of "equal outcomes for every student, without exceptions."


That statement is the true meaning of equity and coincides with this statement from Karl Marx, "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs."

Steadfast and Loyal.

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