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The Party of Science Fiction

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The Democrats have prided themselves on being “the party of science," but their program has nothing to do with science and everything to do with power and control. 


Appealing to science is much like appeals to the church hundreds of years ago. Who would dare to question the wisdom and words of the high priests of science? Doubting them is nothing short of heresy, and to this day, one can be canceled by social media for daring to write or say something not officially approved by the gatekeepers of science.

They use their "party of science" stance to accuse Republicans of being Neanderthals and not “following the science” on major issues facing the American people. Having a bachelor's degree and Ph.D. in biochemistry, I will take the liberty of looking at the Democratic position on several hot-button issues of 2023.

COVID: No single subject has shown such abject failure of science as COVID. Every prescription from the government, with the full backing of the scientific community—except for a few brave “heretics”—was a failure. Every study has shown that masks did not work. They are not designed for teeny weeny viruses, and there is not one study showing that masks made people safer from infection than without. Yet, every governmental scientist demanded masking, and one can still see lost souls wearing masks on empty streets, somehow thinking that they are protecting their health. Not only do masks not protect, recent studies have shown carbon dioxide build-up in N95 masks and general bacterial and dirt build-up on the inside of masks worn for extended periods of time. Masks were a total failure, and yet those in charge are once again talking about masking the population.


COVID Vaccines: The vaccines seem at best a mixed bag, especially if one looks at VAERS reports. Additionally, there were times towards the end of the official pandemic when the majority of those hospitalized or those who died were vaccinated. As such, it is hard to declare the vaccines a great success story, but the White House is already promising a new booster for the fall. The only question is how hard they will force it upon the public. Potentially useful treatments were derided and even pulled off the shelves in order to force us to take the vaccines. 

Social distancing and lockdowns: These practices destroyed businesses, ruined schooling, and wiped out communal cohesion. There are no data supporting lockdowns as being a successful strategy, but Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins pushed them, as did leaders of the CDC. Again, it has nothing to do with science but rather with having the ability to tell you what you can do, where you can go, and when.

Women: Having grown up in the age of the failed Equal Rights Amendment and feminism as a dominant force, I would never have guessed that women as a unique sex would be wiped off the face of the planet. We are told that doctors cannot tell the sex of a child at birth, and women as a unique sex have been replaced with “birthing people” or people with certain specific organs. Mediocre males can now dominate women’s sports at all levels, and make their way into sororities. The progress women made over a century in securing the vote, being allowed to enter all academic and professional fields, compete in sports, and reach the highest levels of the military and elected office is being eroded by an anti-science dogma that a guy can be a woman by just declaring so. I would demand his changing his XY chromosomes to XX for all 30 trillion cells, but today there is no such requirement. Drugs, surgery, and some fashion work are optional; one only has to declare that he is a woman, and bathrooms, sports competition, women of the year prizes are his for the taking. An otherwise respected scientist can claim that he could feel “80% female” one day, and nobody revokes his doctorate or his university sinecure. He is safe in spreading nonsensical ideas that truly are anti-science at their core. Again, his propaganda has nothing to do with real science where a doctor can certainly determine sex well before birth via ultrasound and boys and girls, men and women are quite different and should be respectfully treated as such. I feel sorry for every girl and woman who has lost to a mediocre male, but ultimately, the women must fight back to finish this morally bankrupt charade. If they vote for the anti-science Democratic Party, then there is no complaining when a six foot four inch “girl” clobbers their daughter in field hockey.


Global Warming: This really has two parts. The first is that climate is changing significantly and in ways not previously recorded in the past, and the second is that said changes are completely the product of human activity. Climate has always changed, and periods of heating and cooling have been recorded. Additionally, assigning all change to human activity and completely ignoring solar and other natural contributions to climate behavior is truly anti-scientific. The measured amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is going up over time. Some of the change is due to human activity, but more of it is due to release from oceans. From the Department of Energy: “Natural COsources account for the majority (emphasis added) of COreleased into the atmosphere. Oceans provide the greatest annual amount of COof any natural or anthropogenic source. Other sources of natural COinclude animal and plant respiration, decomposition of organic matter, forest fires, and emissions from volcanic eruptions. There are also naturally occurring COdeposits found in formation layers within the Earth’s crust that could serve as COsources.” The higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been a blessing in allowing formerly arid lands to become arable. There have been many top-level climate and other scientists who have taken a blowtorch to the wobbly arguments of the climate extremists, whose predictions have invariably been wrong over 20 years of prophetic failure. Again, the goal is not to follow the science but rather to invoke a religion to force you to comply without question. We will tell you what type of car you can drive, how much energy you can use, how you will heat your water and your food. They need an excuse to control your life and climate change is their meal ticket.


So the next time you hear a Democrat or one of their white lab coat enablers invoke science, know that the opposite of that which he or she says is probably true. Science, when practiced honestly, can be beautiful and ultimately has helped us to understand our world and has given us great inventions and improvements that have made our lives better, safer, and more comfortable than the lives of any generation before us. Most scientists are honest practitioners of their arts. The ones in the public eye who have a financial or ideological interest to tilt science their way are doing a great disservice to the honest scientists they claim to represent. If anyone says that the science is settled, know that they do not want you to ask questions. Keep asking questions and never accept anything they say at face value.

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