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The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of
Wade Payne

Policies and attitudes on the Left favor having no children or modifying existing children to be unable to breed. The question is why?

Let’s look at the accepted wisdom on the Left as it relates to having children or propagation of the human race.


*The Left supports unlimited abortion. They have no interest in time-based limits, and one British professor suggested extending the option for an abortion until after birth, where the health of the child could be examined.

*The Left supports same-sex marriage. On its own, without some adoption or surrogacy, same-sex couples cannot make offspring.

*The Left supports “transitioning,” not just in adults but also in children. Surgeries and/or chemicals to effect the supposed change from man to woman or boy to girl and vice versa will all but prevent the person in question from being able to have children.

*The Left has pushed a dire end-of-the-world climate crisis theme that has led many young couples to not want to have children, so that their offspring should not suffer in the future inferno/hell that has been promised since the days of Gore.

*The Left has not expressed any support for marriage and the traditional family. Black Lives Matter (BLM) specifically said that one of their goals was the destruction of “the nuclear family.” They kind of walked that one back but one sees lower levels of marriage and higher levels of divorce in younger generations.

*The Left, until it left women in the dust for trans guys, always supported women working and advancing professionally. In every Western country where women go for advanced education and professional fulfillment, numbers of births per woman are well under replacement levels of 2.1. Having a family was generally considered an impediment to career advancement.


Most ideological movements focus not only on the here-and-now but also plan on propagating so as to continue the program. The Nazis famously had hotels where they mated good Aryan soldiers with chosen women to make babies so as to ensure the future of the German race. But with the Left, we see that many of their policies lead individuals to either not have children, not to want to have children, or not be able to have children. The missing generations are supposed to be supplied by generally illegal immigrants. For Europe, the future workers not supplied by the locals come primarily from Turkey and the Middle East, while in the US millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and points further south make up for the lack of American babies.

So why do Left-leaning people not want to have kids and for others not to have kids? On the one hand, their focus is on the individual—a woman’s body is her responsibility, so she alone can decide whenever she wishes to have an abortion. The same argument would be made about gay marriage and trying to push boys to be girls: this person has needs, and those needs outweigh all other considerations. But what about the future? If gay couples cannot reproduce and many women choose abortion over letting a child be born, where will we have future Americans to run the country? Apparently, that thought does not reach a level of consciousness for Democratic and left-leaning policy makers. One has to remember that the Biblical command to “be fruitful and multiply” no doubt rubs non-religious Left-leaning thinkers the wrong way. One blaspheming fellow at Davos claimed that the Creator was “dead” and now the effort was in “getting rid of the body.” Since child birth and child rearing are so closely tied with religious commandments and lifestyle, it would be no surprise that Left-focused policies would encourage not having children. Throw in many MSM articles about how much money one saves by not bringing a baby into the world or how much a carbon footprint is reduced or how much more freedom to do whatever you want there is when there are no diapers to change at 3 in the morning—and the pull of not having children becomes stronger and stronger.


In previous, more religious generations, having children was considered a sacred obligation. The expenses, worries, loss of sleep, and end of personal time, were all worth the joy of bringing a new life into the world. Most of what we as humans do is to fashion one thing into another. One can take bauxite from a mine and make it into an aluminum ingot, and from there it can become part of a plane or a window frame or beer can. On the other hand, bringing a new life into the world is the closest that we can come to being like G-d, the Creator of everything. There is no greater joy than in adding a new family member and no greater reward in watching a child grow up to become a responsible member of the society in which he or she lives. The Left does not want any of this. They support policies that all but prevent future generations from being born. “Just bring them in from other countries!” Their nihilist approach is the reason that they are insistent on access to your children—they don’t want anyone to bring more generations into this supposedly overcrowded world. The fight is not just over tax rates or mileage requirements for new cars; rather, the fight is for the future of the United States. Part of the fight is at the ballot box; the more important part is at the home—bringing up children to be able to succeed in society and bring up their own children.



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