Dear Media: Give Us a Break About ‘Healing’ and ‘Coming Together’ — It’s Not Happening

Posted: Nov 14, 2020 12:50 PM
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Dear Media: Give Us a Break About ‘Healing’ and ‘Coming Together’ — It’s Not Happening

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It is beyond comprehension, in the most offensive possible way, that now that the liberal media believes that they have got what they wanted and overthrown President Donald Trump. Surprise, surprise, the activists posing as journalists are calling for the nation to “heal” and “come together.”

It’s not happening.

For over four years, Trump supporters have received a daily dose of hatred and vitriol from these Democrat pundits who believe that they are our moral superiors. We have been bombarded from every angle with mean-spirited and negative stories about the president, his family, his supporters, his cabinet secretaries, and his senior staff. They have spared no one, not even the First Lady or his young son Baron.

Right at the beginning of the presidency, Steve Bannon was depicted as Darth Vader on the cover of Time magazine. Stephen Miller was hounded continuously and branded as a racist to the point where unhinged protesters began showing up at his home. Kellyanne Conway was mocked from the moment she decided to show her love for this nation by wearing a patriotic dress to the inauguration. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was chased out of a restaurant by hateful militant leftists on their staff simply for being the White House Press Secretary.

Heck, they even called Make America Great Again hats “emblems of hate.” 

CNN doxxed a random private citizen just because the president shared their meme on social media. 

We will not forget what they did to the Covington Kids, declaring that these young children had “punchable faces.” We will not forget the $32 million dollars that they spent on Robert Mueller’s bogus Russia probe. We will always remember that they impeached our president for a lighthearted phone call.

Beyond what they have said and done to us politically, these monsters also made excuses for our cities being torched and their residents terrorized — all in the name of Black Lives Matter’s false narrative. “Fiery, but mostly peaceful protests,” CNN’s chyron infamously read. No, we will not forget this, either.

For four long and expensive years, the media claimed that we needed a special prosecutor to find “Russian collusion” that did not exist, yet they cannot wait a few weeks to find out if we had a legitimate election or not? Give me a break.

If they want to “come together” and “heal this divided nation” so badly, they should be leading the charge to ensure that every legal vote is counted and that both sides can present their findings in a court of law to make sure that it was fair. 

Calls for sudden unity are both disingenuous and grossly naive. Why? They are calling for this unity on their terms. "Welcome, welcome," they say. And then on the same token, the same folks are still mandating that those who elected Trump (more than half the country) should be punished and boycotted for supporting the president. 

It is psychotic, but it is also totalitarianism textbook Communism. It's brainwashing, abusive, and far from kumbaya. The control is terrifying, and as much as they pretend to want peace signs, if you don't agree with them you are the target. 

Does anyone expect Joe Biden will call for unity for ensuring that the tech companies give equal voice to the left and right? Ha. 

We owe the radical left less than nothing. We owe them eternal distrust and contempt. They have made it clear how they feel about those of us on the right, and if their party comes into power, they should be treated the same exact way that they have treated us for these last few years.

Adam Weiss is the CEO of AMWPR, a New York political strategy and communications firm. His firm has represented Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jim Brown, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Donald Trump Jr, Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, Governor Haley Barbour, Pastor Darrell Scott and more. Adam is the Co-Chair of Trump Victory NYS

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