Robert Mueller’s Persecution of President Donald J. Trump

Posted: Apr 04, 2019 1:30 PM
Robert Mueller’s Persecution of President Donald J. Trump

Source: AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report found no evidence of collusion between the Trump team and Russians that influenced the 2016 election. Also, no evidence of obstruction of justice. Witnesses were harassed for the past two years to further the Democrats’ and James Comey’s political agenda. All indictments arising out of the investigation were wholly unrelated to any notion of members of the Trump campaign working with the Russians.

Let me say this plainly: not one single American was charged, indicted, or convicted for conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election. Not one.

In an ironic twist, it was recently reported that the Ukrainian Parliament is investigating Ukrainian allies of Hillary Clinton for interfering with the American presidential election of 2016 to help her – this news released the day before the Mueller Report, indicating no evidence of Russian “collusion” or obstruction of justice by then-candidate Trump, was transmitted to the Department of Justice. I wonder why the Ukraine story has been effectively spiked by some media outlets.   

In the style of the former Soviet Union and other authoritarian governments, our own government has been hot on the tail of a political opponent for the past three years. The witch hunt started with allegations from dubious sources that the Trump campaign was working with the Russians to undermine our electoral system, exonerated then-candidate Hillary Clinton from violations of espionage laws through a manipulation of the legal definition of those laws by James Comey, and peaked with manipulation by the same James Comey to have one of his pals appointed Special Counsel to investigate President Trump though there was no proof of a crime.

Turns out that there was no collusion and no obstruction. Oops.

The reality is that the biased, high-ranking Justice Department officials, who wanted to project Clinton to the White House and prevent a Trump presidency, failed in their objective but have managed to undermine the credibility of the good men and women who work in the agencies and bureaus of the DOJ. They have chewed up tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and hindered progress of the Trump agenda by requiring that the administration devote time and resources to defend itself.

To what end? There was no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians. In fact, like so many times with Democrats, they were projecting what they, themselves, were doing on President Trump. It was the series of unverified, false, and salacious memos that became known as the “Steele Dossier,” that reveals that the Clinton campaign, through its cutout, was paying for the opposition research against Donald Trump. That opposition research was the foundation upon which all of the Democrats' claims were built.

The nefarious part of this plot is that all of the resources used, all of the agents and time taken up to pursue Donald Trump and his supporters, was due to political opposition research. The FBI knew of the source and its motivation and yet pressed forward in spite of the shady origins of their informants.

They suppressed this information from the judge of the secret FISA court when they obtained a warrant to spy on American citizens.

The result is a series of indictments against people, most of whom had tangential or no relationships with President Trump. The charges and convictions had nothing to do with a conspiracy with Russia. Most were the result of being untruthful with the FBI—the same agency that hid information from the FISA court and excused Hillary Clinton and her cronies for the same thing.

Two-tiered justice and politically motivated investigations and prosecutions are reminiscent of some other nation, not this great country.

In the end, the haters of President Trump succeeded in putting roadblocks in front of the implementation of the Trump agenda even as it has been demonstrated that there was no collusion or obstruction of justice.

Because the Left-wing media is unapologetic and incapable of shame, and my Democrat colleagues, who placed so much hope in the Mueller investigation, have had their impeachment bubble burst by the Mueller report, one would think that this storyline would be put to bed. However, we are already being promised a never-ending series of investigations of people, not crimes, by Democrat Committee Chairs in the U.S. House.

Democrats are desperately clinging, with a religious zeal, to their belief that Trump must have done something wrong to become president. Yet it appears that even a Mueller investigative team that consisted of substantial donors to Democrats could not find evidence enough to perpetuate the Democrats’ dream of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Their persecution of this president and his supporters for political ends will come back to haunt them because, at some point, the American people simply will not tolerate unjust motives and attacks that are provable prevarications.

Congressman Andy Biggs represents Arizona’s 5th Congressional District and is a member of the House Freedom Caucus.