Terry Paulson

Posted May 05, 2014

Just what deserves coverage in the mainline media today? The hateful words of Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the courageous stand by NBA players and the NBA commissioner Adam Silver are top of mind on every channel. Let's add coverage of the deadly tornadoes and developments in Ukraine. But what of the new evidence of the Obama administration's involvement in a Benghazi cover-up? What cover-up you ask?

Posted March 02, 2014

Our coins say it--"In God We Trust." But surveys indicate that fewer and fewer Americans actually put their trust in God. For many, God seems to get in the way. To some, God and his commandments are the creation of an archaic Judeo-Christian belief system that just impedes needed cultural transformation.

Posted September 09, 2013

As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, the numerous tributes bring back those painful days.

Posted August 26, 2013

As a lawyer and politician, Abraham Lincoln was known for his stories and down-to-earth humor.

Posted May 06, 2013

The magical spell that President Barack Obama has placed on Americans is unraveling. It's painfully evident that President Obama's words no longer match the self-evident facts. His rambling filibusters at press conferences invite more questions than provide needed clarity.