Katie Pavlich
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Despite President Obama and White House officials touting a recovering economy, voters aren't feeling an improvement and according to a new Fox News poll, they think the worst is yet to come. When voters grade the President on the economy, he averages a C-.

Voters continue to be pessimistic over the future of the economy. A 58-percent majority thinks the worst is yet to come. Not only is that up from 52 percent a year ago, but it is also the highest level recorded since April 2009. At that time, 66 percent said the worst is yet to come.

When asked to grade Obama for the job he’s done on improving the economy, nine percent give him an “A,” while 22 percent give him a “B” and 22 percent a “C.” A sizable minority thinks he deserves a grade of “D” (14 percent) or “F” (24 percent). Another nine percent give an “incomplete.”

That makes the president’s grade-point average 1.78, which is a C-minus. That’s about the same as Obama received in 2012.

These numbers come after two months of dismal job reports and just after the administration announced another one year delay of the Obamacare business mandate.

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Katie Pavlich

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