Katie Pavlich
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As the 2014 midterm elections inch closer, vulnerable Democrats are keeping President Barack Obama as far away from their campaigns as possible. In addition, Democrats are slamming Obama's policies. More from POLITICO:

“I don’t care to have him campaign for me,” said Alaska Sen. Mark Begich. “I’d rather him come up to see where his policies aren’t working. He’s wrong on ANWR, we’ve had struggles to try to get our permits done down in the southeast for our timber industry, I want to show him how important the military is in Fairbanks.”

“I don’t get people to come and campaign for me very often,” Pryor said. “To me, in Arkansas, people don’t vote for you because somebody else says vote for you.”

Asked about the prospects of Obama or Biden coming to help, “I’m not going to tell anybody not to,” Pryor said. “We’re going to make the race about Arkansas.”

Vulnerable Democrats are in a tough spot. They want to keep an unpopular President still touting Obamacare as far away as possible while still reaping the benefits of resources big outlets like the DNC can provide. Obama's approval on every major issue sits below 40 percent. A majority of voters believe Obama's White House is incompetent. Half the country views Obama as untrustworthy and dishonest, his approval sits at just 41 percent and the country is fed up with Obamacare, legislation the White House keeps trying to sell to the American people.

Seeing that Obamacare is the number one issue affecting, and destroying, the middle class, it's going to be very difficult for Democrats to hit the campaign trail with a pro-middle class message while at the same time continue their support for the failing legislation.

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Katie Pavlich

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