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Las Vegas - I took the day yesterday to walk the dozen miles of the SHOT Show floor, my feet hurt in places I wasn't aware they could, and I stopped by the Mossberg booth to check out the new line of Duck Commander firearms created in partnership with the Robertson family from the hit show Duck Dynasty.

There are 11 guns in total in the line up: 9 shotguns and three rimfire rifles.

The shotguns:

Mossberg pump-action and autoloading shotguns haveve been the choice of hardcore hunters for decades. Now, Mossberg has teamed with the Duck Commanders to deliver a series of dedicated. Now, Mossberg has teamed with Duck Commanders to deliver a series of dedicated waterfowling shotguns with a range of action types, chambers, barrels and finishes to suit any hunter's taste.

The rimfire rifles:
Perfect for a day spent plinking or hunting small game and cottonmouths, these rimfire rifles and pistol proudly display the Duck Commander logo; Sport high-end features on select models like an adjustable stock, red dot sight, and quad-rail forend for quick, easy mounting of railed accessory.

This little International 715P Duck Commander red dot combo is my favorite, not to mention it would be perfect for hunting squirrels. The best part about the entire collection? Each Duck Commander firearm purchase comes with an American flag bandana.

Editor's note: a previous version of this post said there are 11 total models, this is incorrect. There are 12 total models.
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