Katie Pavlich
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Over the weekend 65,000 people packed Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas to attend Glenn Beck's Restoring Love event. Beck teamed up with the Christian Broadcasting Network to encourage people to bring canned food to the event, which will be distributed to those in need. By the end of the event, enough food was donated to feed hundreds of thousands of people in 11 cities across the country.

"We are so excited to be a part of Restoring Love," she said. "It's helping needy families, showing the love of Christ."

"And so we're just honored to be able to be a part of this event and not only just represent Operation Blessing and the body of Christ here in Dallas, but to be able to go out to 11 cities and help hundreds of thousands of families through food and water and just different supplies that they need," she said.

Volunteer Tyler Delphi said serving others give meaning to his life.

"It feels amazing. I mean, I took a week off of work to do this," she said. "This is my vacation, so a lot of people at my work are like, 'That sounds like a boring vacation,' but really I'm inspired."

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Katie Pavlich

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