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As I said in my earlier post about Michael Moore, now that the warmer weather is back, so are the Occupiers. Although it is easy to dismiss the smelly movement as a bunch of hippies in a park, it is important to keep in mind that there is a greater movement behind what you see on the surface: anarchy, socialism and chaos. Over the weekend, 73 occupiers were arrested in New York City, bringing the running total of arrests since the movement started to 6,811. If you think occupiers going to jail will stop them, you're wrong. They see getting arrested as a badge of honor and even have an entire website dedicated to keeping track of occupy arrests.

Since we had a bit of a hiatus from occupiers over the weekend, let's recap:

Vandalism of banks

Alleged Rapes of women and a deaf man..unsafe for women

Rape Victims asked not to tell police about rapes

Occupy D.C. cleaned up by hazmat team

Occupier defecates on police car

Occupier killed just outside of Occupy Oakland

One-year-old child left alone in the freezing cold at Occupy D.C.

Occupiers slam bottle in the face of police officer

Occupiers circulate "When Should You Shoot a Cop?" flyers in Phoenix

Occupier threatens to kill police officer in New York via Twitter

Drug use at Occupy camps

So what's next? More violence and more clashing with police. The Occupy Movement is just getting started.

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Katie Pavlich

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