Guy Benson

This was a fait accompli last week, but the former House Speaker's effective withdrawal from the 2012 race is now official:

ABC News reports that Newt is "likely" to endorse Mitt Romney in the coming days:

Sources close to the campaign told ABC News last week that Gingrich planned to suspend his campaign early this week and would “likely” endorse Mitt Romney. Though both Gingrich and Romney will be in Virginia on Wednesday, sources close to the campaign said Gingrich will not appear with Romney then, but could campaign together at future appearances in a couple of weeks. The campaigns had planned to meet Monday to discuss how Gingrich could help the Romney campaign.

Even in the video above, Gingrich suggests that he'll go all-in for the presumptive nominee:

"The re-election of Barack Obama would be a genuine disaster, and all of us have an obligation, I think, to do everything we can to defeat Barack Obama."

Indeed.  Thanks for a campaign full of remarkable highs and maddening lows, Mr. Speaker.

Guy Benson

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