Guy Benson
The southern, white, "monochromatic" GOP strikes again.

One if this election cycle's Tea Party triumphs was securing the Republican gubernatorial nomination for businessman Rick Scott, who currently clings to a 1 point lead over Democrat Alex Sink.  In what could be a game changer, Scott has revealed his Lt. Governor running mate: State Rep. Jennifer Carol, a female African-American Navy Veteran and small businesswoman.

The Miami Herald offers some interesting tidbits on Carol's biography:

-In a state where one in every seven voters is black -- and nearly all are Democrats -- Carroll is a black Republican.

-As a native of Trinidad, Carroll is an immigrant who could help soften Scott's hard-line image on an issue that cuts both ways in a state with a large immigrant population.

-She packs a celebrity punch: Her son, Nolan II, is a rookie cornerback and kick returner for the Miami Dolphins, drafted out of the University of Maryland.

-She became the first black woman elected to the Legislature in a special election in 2003.

-She retired after 20 years in the Navy, where she rose to the rank of lieutenant commander aviation maintenance officer.

-Her official legislative biography notes that she is a life member of both the NAACP and the National Rifle Association.

Yup, just your average, run-of-mill, typical Angry White Guy Republican...

UPDATE: Since I've got California on my mind today, and since we're discussing diversity, I'd like to remind folks that the GOP's state-wide ticket in the Golden State includes a woman for US Senate, a woman for Governor, a Latino for Lt. Governor, and an African American for Secretary of State.

Guy Benson

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