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College and university presidents (who overwhelmingly supported the Obama campaign in 2012) are more skeptical than expected about the President's effort to reform federal financial aid, according to a recent poll. The most controversial part of the reform proposal includes instituting a national system of ratings and tying federal funding to highly-rated schools. ... more

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The federal government posted a $41.3 billion profit on student loans last fiscal year, while student debt soared past $1 trillion. ... more

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President Obama has gone on a college-affordability blitz over the last week, preaching to choirs of students that his new proposals will make college cheaper and easier to pay for. ... more

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Neal McClusky, with Cato, joined the program to talk about the run-away tuition costs, and the declining value of American Higher Education. John also took a look at how the student loan crises in America is just another symptom of big government at its worst. ... more

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Privately held student loan debt surpassed 1 trillion dollars last November. More money is owed in student loans than in privately held credit card debt. This past year, bank write-offs of student loans are up almost 35% from the previous year. ... more