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Lee Culpepper - Mon Feb 9

Thomas Sowell - Tue Nov 18

Charlie Kirk - Wed Jun 11

Susan Stamper Brown - Tue Dec 10

Charles Payne - Sat Dec 7

Susan Stamper Brown - Wed Nov 6

Mike Shedlock - Mon Jun 17

John Ransom - Fri Jun 14

John Ransom - Thu May 23

They don’t just make one mistake; they make a series of mistakes, they obfuscate, then lie, then lie about the lie… and then it’s time to cue up a two-week Obama vacation or for Hillary to bang her head accidentally and be unavailable for comment. ... more

Bill O'Reilly - Sat Jan 26

So now the president is a committed man of the left. No longer is he faking moderation or even trying to bring the nation "together." Nope. As he made clear in his inauguration speech, Barack Obama is dedicating himself to achieving "social justice" no matter what the cost. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Thu Dec 20

If there is one virtue voters had every reason to expect from Barack Obama, it is a strong sense of social justice. Yet somehow the one-time community organizer has dropped that ball when it comes to the exercise of his constitutional power to pardon individuals who have committed federal offenses. ... more

Linda Chavez - Fri Nov 16

Two weeks after the election, conservatives are still asking why Mitt Romney lost. That, however, is the wrong first question argues Charles R. Kesler in his new book "I am the Change: Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism." ... more

Kyle Olson - Sat Oct 13

Chalk one up for America and the Independence Institute. ... more

John Ransom - Mon Oct 1

Apparently America citizens are the right kind of victims for liberals. Imagine how great it would be fro them if the embassy contained bankers and CEOs? Or imagine if it contained priests who have the temerity to speak about morality in the public square. ... more

Katie Kieffer - Mon Sep 10

Increasingly, priests and pastors are preaching that socialism (in the name of “social justice”) is Christ-like. In truth, capitalism, not socialism, reflects Christian values. ... more

Jeff Carter - Tue Jul 24

What’s killing our economy is big government debt, lousy law and regulation, poorly designed government programs, and a terrible response to the financial crisis over the past four years. ... more

Kyle Olson - Wed Apr 25

Yesterday, reported on two events held during “Social Justice Week” at Chicago Public Schools’ Jones College Prep. One event featured a community organizer who taught students how to protest and engaged in inflammatory rhetoric against the National Rifle Association. ... more

Kyle Olson - Tue Apr 24

Jones College Prep – a Chicago Public Schools “selective enrollment” school – recently held “Social Justice Week” in March, a collection of events geared towards turning students into activists. See the schedule of events here. ... more

Larry Elder - Thu Mar 15

"Meet the Press" host David Gregory asked his panel "where civility has gone in our public discourse." Incredibly, one panelist urged people to be more "mature" and not "poison the atmosphere." ... more

Tony Katz - Thu Dec 1

The remains of Occupy LA were hauled off to the city dump, by the city, at the taxpayers’ expense. The amount of trash? Approximately 30 tons. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Nov 30

Benefiting from a hint from an article titled "Is Harry Potter Making You Poorer?", written by my colleague Dr. John Goodman, president of the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, I've come up with an explanation and a way to end income inequality in America, possibly around the world. ... more

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