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Christine Rousselle - Wed Feb 18

This is dumb. ... more

Kevin Glass - Fri Dec 19

The Attorneys General of two neighboring states, Nebraska and Oklahoma, are suing Colorado in order to have their marijuana legalization policy declared unconstitutional. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Fri Sep 26

Reportedly for not converting to Islam. ... more

Sarah Perry - Sat Jun 21

Jacob Sullum - Wed May 7

Christine Rousselle - Fri Jan 24

Piers Morgan is not pleased. ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Jan 14

Christine Rousselle - Tue Jan 7

The Oklahoma State Capitol already has a statue of the Ten Commandments. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Tue Dec 24

Enforcement of the abortion pill mandate has been suspended at four Christian Universities after an Oklahoma District Court found the law unconstitutional and in violation of the Religious Freedom Act. ... more

Nicole Bailey - Mon Dec 9

As the debate over religion in American political spaces rages on, Oklahoma state's legislature recently approved a monument of the Biblical Ten Commandments on public ground. A Satanic Temple group has followed suit, claiming Oklahoma's actions have paved the way for a "public-friendly" Satan-related monument "for young children." ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Tue Nov 12

The Supreme Court Tuesday denied re-evaluating an Oklahoma decision which ruled it unconstitutional to require doctors to show women an ultrasound of their baby prior to aborting it. This is the second time this month the Court has turned away the state’s anti-abortion appeals. ... more

Kevin Glass - Sun Aug 25

The "thrill kill" shooting death of Australian jogger Chris Lane in Oklahoma has sparked outrage, sadness and confusion. Unsurprisingly, CNN host Piers Morgan used the shooting to push for more gun control. ... more

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