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Bipartisanship. ... more

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Congratulations Sen. Mike Lee on the release of your new book, Our Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of Americas Founding Document! Its currently placed at No. 4 on our Conservative Book Bestseller List. Can you give us an overview of the book? ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Thu Mar 5

Vivian Hughbanks - Thu Feb 26

Marking the 50th Anniversary of her book, A Choice, Not an Echo, Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum received the Paul Weyrich Award for her life of service to the conservative movement on Wednesday evening at the Annual Weyrich Awards Dinner. ... more

Kevin Glass - Thu Feb 26

Sen. Mike Lee helped open up CPAC 2015, taking the stage before 9 AM on the first full day of the conference, to tell the assembled crowd of conservative activists to support potential presidential candidates who have positive, specific messages, and to beware of those who speak in platitudes. ... more

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What exactly does Jon Huntsman want Mike Lee to do? ... more

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A payroll tax cut makes far better political and economic sense than expanding the child tax credit. ... more

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The task of "conservative reform" has seemed Sisyphean since the Bush years. A new crop is trying to make inroads with actual Republican politicians. ... more

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"My fellow conservatives, let's get to work." ... more

Conn Carroll - Wed Feb 12

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is introducing legislation that would restore the food stamp work requirement President Obama repealed in 2009. ... more

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Bold. ... more

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This, my friends, is what one year of regulations issued by the Obama administration looks like. ... more

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