Biden Gaffe on Townhall

Bob Beauprez - Sun Mar 31

While the President pretends that the end to life as we know it is near because of the incy wincy sequester cuts, families have been forced to live on less for years – and, it's still getting worse. ... more

Guy Benson - Sat Nov 3

Beloit, WI - Fri Nov 2

"Not one single day." ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Fri Oct 26

Guy Benson - Thu Oct 18

Brent Bozell - Wed Sep 5

Within minutes of Paul Ryan concluding his convention speech in Tampa, Fla., the media attacks were launched. Why, the man is loose with the facts! He only spews vitriol and nonsense. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Aug 19

If Vice President Joe Biden didn’t exist, you couldn’t invent him. You couldn’t invent him because no one would believe such a character possibly could exist. No Hollywood producer ever would believe someone that dumb could rise to that level without an “R” after his name. ... more

America - Fri Aug 17

Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder discusses the latest Biden gaffe. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Thu Aug 16

Vice President Joe Biden played the race card this week when he drawled Southern-style to a racially mixed audience that if Mitt Romney takes the White House, he'll "unchain Wall Street. They're going to put y'all back in chains." ... more

Blacksburg, VA - Thu Aug 16

The VP forgets again that we living in the 21st century. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Aug 15

Looks like Vice President Joe Biden has been taking extracurricular Democratic jive-talking lessons. The results of condescending liberals' cynical racial pandering attempts are, as always, seismically cringe-inducing. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Tue Aug 14

Mitt Romney has taken a lot of heat for telling the truth lately. First, the guy says what everyone knows: that the British were not completely ready for the Olympics. How dare he say what every newspaper had been saying for weeks! Then, he goes and praises Israeli culture, and credits Israeli prosperity and strength, in part, to the greatness of Israel's culture. ... more Staff - Thu Jul 5