Willie Soon

Posted June 06, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency recently issued 946 pages of new rules, requiring that U.S. power plants sharply reduce (already low) emissions of mercury and 83 other air pollutants.

Posted March 21, 2011

Japan is grappling with a triple tragedy: earthquake, tsunami and possible nuclear radiation. This has brought rolling blackouts, as authorities strive to meet electricity demands with reduced supplies and crippled transmission lines.

Posted December 19, 2010

Long-term perspectives support natural, cyclical variation – not manmade disasters.

Posted December 02, 2010

The annual climate summit opened in Cancun, Mexico this week. A few days earlier, while releasing a new report, Indian Minister of Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh emphasized: “It is imperative” that India has “sound, evidence-based assessments on the impacts of climate change.”