Tom Purcell

Posted January 26, 2015

Young Americans continue to put off homeownership, and that isn't good for anyone.

Posted January 19, 2015

Boy, does the world need a better sense of humor right about now.

Posted January 15, 2015

I received an unexpected postcard in the mail the other day from an old friend. It made my day.

Posted January 13, 2015

Ah, winter has arrived in all its glory, which means one thing: more sledding bans.

Posted January 05, 2015

Pope Francis recently praised the benefits of big families - that a big family teaches children selflessness and sharing, which benefits the whole of society - and I couldn't agree more.

Posted December 22, 2014

"You've worked for us for 10 years, Johnson, but I'm not sure how to grade you during this year's performance review."

Posted December 15, 2014

The number of Americans who choose to live alone continues to grow.

Posted December 08, 2014

A giant Manhattan penthouse and a summer home in the Hamptons. That was all. There was nothing Sabrina could do but plop onto her designer couch and cry.

Posted December 01, 2014

It's amazing that the show almost was not broadcast.

Posted November 24, 2014

Among the 25 freest countries in the world, America now ranks 21st - down from the ninth spot for calendar year 2009, Obama's first year as president.

Posted November 23, 2014

It's bound to happen at Thanksgiving tables across America: A progressive liberal Democrat discovers he's sitting next to a conservative Republican.

Posted November 17, 2014

I've done my fair share of stupid things over my life.

Posted November 07, 2014

Hurricane Isabel struck Washington, D.C., hard that night.

Posted November 03, 2014

Get this: Millennials hate voice mail and don't often bother to listen to their messages.

Posted October 23, 2014

Not until it got dark!

Posted October 20, 2014

If more Americans were self-employed independent contractors, the country would soar.

Posted October 14, 2014

I'm starting to feel bad for President Obama, if you want to know the truth.

Posted October 13, 2014

"Dad, why does America celebrate Columbus Day?"

Posted September 29, 2014

Are religious people as equally prone to immoral acts as nonreligious people?

Posted September 22, 2014

Marcotte says that a study by North Carolina State University sociologists Sarah Bowen, Sinikka Elliott and Joslyn Brenton finds that "the stress that cooking puts on people, particularly women, may not be worth the trade-off."