Tim Phillips

After 43 straight months of unemployment over 8%, our President still believes a government which spends big and taxes more will create prosperity. His policies are out of sync with what we know works.

During Wednesday night’s debate, perhaps the most overlooked question asked was that of the proper role of government. In his answer, President Obama revealed a personal ideology that is fundamentally at odds with economic freedom. For Obama, there is no consideration that government might have a specific, Constitutionally-limited role which it ought to do well, but beyond which was exceeding its authority. The President envisions an ever expanding federal government, constantly pushing itself further into our daily lives through entitlement spending, regulation, and greater oversight.

That conflict of vision was clearly on display as Governor Romney aggressively called out the President for $90 billion wasted on ‘green energy’ schemes. In cases like Solyndra and Fisker, Obama didn’t pick winners and losers, he simply picked losers - and stuck taxpayers with the tab.

It is revealing that Obama didn’t bother to defend spending billions on green energy projects boondoggles. To him, that’s the proper role of government. In fact, we heard calls for even more spending, when Obama argued that taxpayers should hire 100,000 new teachers to teach high school math and science programs. He stated that the federal government should make this “investment” because states can’t. Yet states can’t afford more expenses because thankfully they must, under their state laws, balance their budgets. They have meaningful spending constraints.

Throughout the debate, President Obama seemed unaware of any connection between high unemployment and his own policies. He shrugged off responsibility, blamed his predecessor, and doubled down on the same ideas that have hurt small businesses and left the economy languishing in the most sluggish ‘recovery’ in modern history.