Timothy Daughtry

Posted January 25, 2016

Since his profanity-laced 2011 speech in Las Vegas, Donald Trump has made a campaign theme of calling the leadership in Washington stupid and incompetent.

Posted June 05, 2015

Leftists in Europe have long used the phrase pas dennemis gauche no enemies on the left as a rallying call to overcome the internal squabbles of the left and to unite themselves against those who would resist the statist agenda.

Posted January 25, 2015

The Citizens Mandate, released on January 15 by over fifty conservative leaders, does far more than call upon the GOP to honor the mandate given it by the electorate in the 2014 landslide.

Posted January 14, 2014

America’s political history over the last century – and, if we stay on our current course, its political future – can be read in two symbols that were ever-present in the last election.

Posted November 24, 2013

With voters now living with the reality of Obamacare, and with Obama’s latest approval ratings hovering just above the percentage of people who believe in Bigfoot, the GOP suddenly confronts the challenge facing the proverbial dog who has chased cars for years and has unexpectedly caught one: What do we do now?

Posted November 19, 2013

There are few dilemmas as uncomfortable as what psychologists call a double approach-avoidance conflict, a situation in which there are two desirable goals, but achieving either one comes with a painful cost. Democrats running for U.S. House and Senate seats in 2014 are in the grip of one right now, and it is a lulu.

Posted March 14, 2012

Though we may be tempted to laugh at the silliness of the Democrats’ recent accusation that the Republican Party is waging a “war on women,” mainstream Americans need to brace themselves: This is but a mild example of the kind of tactic we can expect from the Obama forces during the 2012 campaign, and the left uses tactics like that because they work.