Thaddeus McCotter

Posted August 29, 2008

Like every other over-hyped liberal pop phenom of the past forty years who covered their party’s stale classics, Obama! Live! (In Denver!) proves this nominee and his Democrats’ song remains the same.

Posted October 15, 2007

Beneath the shadow of a rickety statute, the amazed gaze of the world, and the calculating eyes of the tyrants, the enslaved staked their claim to liberty.

Posted October 02, 2007

Democrats and like-witted pundits claim the S-CHIP reauthorization is a defining issue which will seal the GOP's electoral fate next fall. Unscrupulously using children as props in a soulless script replete with ironic appeals to an apparently socialist Almighty, these Denizens of Governmental Dependence gleefully assert the "politics" of S-CHIP will mask their policy's fiscal irresponsibility and trump Republicans' foundational principles.