Terry Jeffrey

Posted February 03, 2016

In October, President Barack Obama said that the Trans-Pacific Partnership his administration had just finished negotiating "reflects America's values."

Posted January 27, 2016

As of December 2012, the total population of the United States -- including members of the Armed Forces stationed overseas -- equaled 315,255,012, according to the Census Bureau's estimate.

Posted January 20, 2016

In a free country, the answer is obvious.

Posted January 07, 2016

"Kings or parliaments could not give the rights essential to happiness, as you confess those invaded by the Stamp Act to be," John Dickinson wrote in 1766.

Posted December 23, 2015

The Executive Office of the President of the United States -- aka Barack Obama -- released a document in the days leading up to Christmas that proves once again that reality conspires against even the most careful liars.

Posted December 17, 2015

"This is an early Christmas present."

Posted December 09, 2015

When President Barack Obama addressed the nation Sunday night about the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, he was careful to build a wall of separation between the terrorists who had murdered 14 Americans and the religion they claimed to embrace.

Posted December 02, 2015

President Barack Obama has expressed an apocalyptic vision he suggests other reasonable people must embrace.

Posted November 25, 2015

Why did the Marxist atheists who controlled the Soviet Union tear down the Berlin Wall?

Posted November 18, 2015

Who should Americans see as worthier candidates for entering our country? Syrian Christians fleeing persecution -- and possible beheading by the Islamic State -- or smugglers moving drugs across our Mexican border?

Posted November 11, 2015

President Barack Obama told the truth -- perhaps by accident -- when he spoke last November at a Chicago community center. Hecklers shouted at him for not doing enough, in their view, to stop deportations. He responded by defending his new policy.

Posted November 04, 2015

There is a country in the Middle East ruled by a secular authoritarian regime -- a state sponsor of terror -- that has reigned for 44 years under the leadership of a father and then his son who belong to a minority Shiite-derived religious sect.

Posted October 28, 2015

"This attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country must not stand and will not stand."

Posted October 21, 2015

Which of the three most recent popes had the highest "favorable rating" among American adults as measured by the Gallup poll?

Posted October 14, 2015

When the Census Bureau recently released its 2014 data on household income in the United States, the numbers once again pointed to a basic trend that this nation's liberal political and cultural elite has no interest in publicizing.

Posted October 07, 2015

When the founders of this nation wrote the Constitution they created a charter for the greatest and truest free-trade zone in history -- and they did not seek its approval on a fast track.

Posted September 30, 2015

Rep. Gerry Connolly -- who represents Virginia suburbs that rank among the wealthiest communities in America because they are populated with Washington bureaucrats, lobbyists and federal contractors -- is a classic example of the modern American elitist.

Posted September 23, 2015

In 1818, when only 8 years old, Gioacchino Pecci began his studies with the Jesuits at a school in Italy. Seventy-three years later, as Pope Leo XIII, he published Rerum Novarum, an encyclical letter simultaneously defending the rights of working people and private property.

Posted September 16, 2015

There exists in America today what can be called a balance of fear, and it is nowhere better described -- through the acts of young Christians who overcome it -- than in Tony Perkins' new book, "No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth."

Posted September 09, 2015

Go online and pull up Planned Parenthood's latest annual report and you will see that the group plainly states how many unborn babies it kills in abortions and how much tax money it gets.