Susan Stamper Brown

Posted February 02, 2016

How any female in America could support Donald Trump, the American version of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, is beyond me.

Posted January 26, 2016

One of the greatest gifts my hardworking, blue-collar father gave me when I was young was the belief that no one owes me anything.

Posted January 19, 2016

We should be thankful the Obama administration is nearing its end. This year is bound to have its share of surprises and grandstanding from a president who seems more enamored by regimes like Iran than America.

Posted January 12, 2016

Over the holidays, Europeans were rudely awakened from their utopian dream of open borders and peaceful coexistence to discover, as Oscar Wilde once wrote, "...nightmares are dreams too."

Posted January 05, 2016

Because I once voted liberal, at the beginning of each new year I take it as my personal responsibility to pose a few suggestions to my liberal friends out there who are still living on the dark side.

Posted December 29, 2015

Establishment Republicans gave Democrats a generous Christmas gift this year while at the same time stuffing conservatives' stockings with coal in the passage of the omnibus spending bill.

Posted December 22, 2015

What is it about Christmas that stirs hope in the hearts of even the most cynical?

Posted December 15, 2015

God bless them, Atheists are at it again.

Posted December 08, 2015

The day before Thanksgiving, President Obama assured Americans all was well and he knew "of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland" based "on the latest information I just received in the Situation Room."

Posted December 01, 2015

What a dilemma we humans find ourselves in when we discover that fixing one problem serves to worsen another, something a group of Environment Canada researchers recently determined finding environmentalists caused global warming in their attempts to curb it.

Posted November 16, 2015

The November 13 Paris terrorist attack was well-coordinated with suicide bombings, grenade attacks, deadly shootings and hostage taking.

Posted November 16, 2015

The November 13 Paris terrorist attack was well-coordinated with suicide bombings, grenade attacks, deadly shootings and hostage taking.

Posted November 09, 2015

Dear parents, when you vote next November, please remember which party wants your daughters to share their school locker rooms and showers with boys.

Posted November 03, 2015

Apparently, integrity and critical thinking are not qualities found in today's mainstream media.

Posted October 27, 2015

Not everyone in America appreciates the First Amendment. Before I reveal how I know that, please take a moment to consider with me a lesson from the not-so-distant past.

Posted October 19, 2015

After watching the first Democrat Party presidential debate, one can understand why the Democrat National Committee [DNC] has chosen to limit their presidential debates to just six.

Posted October 12, 2015

Darkness abounds. Nonetheless wisdom beckons, reminding those who'll listen to make the very best of the dark days we're in rather than allowing these dark days to get the best of us.

Posted October 05, 2015

We hear you loud and clear about guns, President Obama. It's a little odd though, that you'd make insinuations about taking our guns away after the recent college shooting in Oregon, especially now that the EU Times reports the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) listed the shooter as an "American black-Islamist terror suspect" not quite the "white Republican" some initially suggested. ISIS also allegedly claimed culpability.

Posted September 29, 2015

That this degree of firearm protection is necessary to protect the Pontiff shows us what happens in America when the anti-cop, anti-gun, wrist-slapping, soft-on-crime left is in control. Fact is, over the last year, ten large U.S. cities have experienced a sobering rise in murder rates.

Posted September 21, 2015

What's a teacher to do if he sees a wired briefcase that looks like a homemade bomb in the classroom?