Steve Deace

The “Republican” brand is severely tarnished.

Currently just 25% of Americans identify themselves as “Republicans.” On the other hand, 38% of Americans identify themselves as “conservative,” which is more than any other ideological group by 15 points.

These numbers are prompting a national conversation about how to “save the soul of the Republican Party” among conservatives, or if the party is still worth saving at all. Despite the fact I’m a frequent conservative critic of the GOP, I actually think it can still be salvaged by following three simple steps.

1. If you want to save the soul of the Republican Party, don’t try to.

Institutions, organizations, and political parties don’t have souls. Only people do.

Therefore, any institution, organization, or political party is only as good as the people that inhabit it. Based on the consensus condition of the souls of those inhabitants, an institution, organization, and political party will develop its own culture. It will either be a healthy culture or a dysfunctional one.

So if it seems as if the current make-up of the Republican Party is dysfunctional and unhealthy, that will only change if more people whose souls are in good condition inhabits its ranks and take part in it accordingly.

Want a better Republican party? Then get better people to become Republicans. Speaking of which…

2. We wrongly believe that the base of an organization, institution, or political party determines its strength and health. The exact opposite is true.

The Creator is a God of order, not chaos, and demands accountability to maintain that order. To establish and sustain that accountability, His natural law for the planet operates via a mechanism known as “headship.”

Therefore, the strength and health of an organization, institution, or political party is determined by the integrity of its leadership or the head(s).

If the leaders lack integrity, they will eventually override the noble intentions of the base they represent. We are seeing this play itself out in our nation as we speak. Many of you reading this are patriots ready to fight the statists, but you’re represented by feckless leadership so the fight never takes place. They keep promising us they’ll fight next time, and next time never arrives.

For example, the Creator established the father as the head of the home, which explains why if dad doesn’t go to church the odds his children will once they’re grown are less than 1 in 50. However, if dad does to church regularly between two-thirds to three-quarters of his grown children will as well.

Steve Deace

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