Steve Deace

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a culture collapses? Have you ever wondered if past cultures that collapsed throughout history knew what was about to happen to them? Did they see it coming, or were they blindsided by it?

I’ve often asked myself those questions, but now I’m also asking myself a new one. Provided the Lord chooses not to return and culminate history, I’m now wondering if future generations will ask the same questions about us?

There are several telltale signs of a culture in decline, or on the brink of collapse. One of which is when a culture fails to safeguard its future and ceases to be good stewards of its next generation. Wanting our children to have a better future than we had is one of the most basic instincts of those who are image-bearers of the Creator. Even some of the most cunning and ruthless men in human history were doting fathers. It takes an especially toxic and potent mixture of narcissism and self-loathing to produce a culture that no longer places the needs of its offspring above its most carnal desires.

Such a culture we have sadly become.

And I’m not even talking about abortion, which is the gravest moral injustice of our time. Tragically, anthropologists will tell you every culture in human history has eventually practiced some form of child sacrifice. Ours is just the next in line. The only difference is we’re not sacrificing our kids to a pagan deity for a bountiful harvest or eternal salvation. We sacrifice our babies on the altar of personal convenience instead.

But you can’t expect a culture to protect its unborn when it has so little regard for its already-born, and there are two recent stories that indicate we could seemingly care less about our children.

ABC News just did a story on the “gospel of polyamory,” which means having multiple romantic and sexual partners in an open relationship together. Titled “the end of marriage,” the story said “more couples are opting to become triples or fourples, with live-in lovers spicing up the marital bed and helping to raise the children.”

The natural human family (i.e. one man and one woman living together in holy matrimony) is one of the cornerstones of a civilized society, for its how we’re intended to procreate the species while also passing along our value system to the next generation. What kind of value system is being passed on to the children of such relationships? What kind of value system do you think they’ll champion once they become adults?

Steve Deace

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