Stephen Smoot

Posted September 14, 2014

The West and moderate Middle Eastern states fear ISIS and rightly so. It combines terror techniques with territorial ambitions more effectively than any group since the Bolsheviks. While many focus on the ISIS strengths, they neglect to point out that concerted effort could annihilate them.

Posted August 30, 2014

With little Western fanfare, outside of a US State Department press release, the Central African Republic late last month established a new transitional government.

Posted August 27, 2014

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel sounded the tocsin last week about ISIS, saying "they are beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of ... military prowess. They are tremendously well-funded. This is beyond anything we've seen."

Posted August 16, 2014

Riots bring out the best and the worst in media. Some risk their safety to get the powerful images and stories that define an event. Responsible professionals take great care to make sure that the story gets told properly and fairly.

Posted August 07, 2014

Ebola virus first appeared in 1976 in Sudan and the country then known as Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the CDC, three separate strains of the virus exist. Two can infect humans. Humans and other primates are susceptible to infection by the virus, which usually leads to viral hemorrhagic fever.

Posted June 12, 2012

Twenty-five years after President Ronald Reagan delivered his Brandenburg Gate speech, debate persists over the meaning and true impact of his words that day. Conservatives, including former Secretary of State James Baker, described the June 17, 1987 speech at the Brandenburg Gate as a “historic challenge.” Its historical resonance has escaped Reagan’s detractors then and now.

Posted April 15, 2012

“Being a Mormon isn't an easy path.” Heather Beeseck, a sophomore secondary education major at Potomac State College, would know. She has been involved with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for two years and was baptized into the faith on August 6, 2011.

Posted April 03, 2012

The Obama Administration has not had much support from the judicial branch recently.

Posted March 20, 2012

The British Parliament over three centuries ago knew a tyrant when they saw one.

Posted March 16, 2012

Last week, the Obama Administration sought to increase the Chevrolet Volt purchaser tax credit from $7,500 to $10,000.