S. E. Cupp

Posted May 29, 2015

A long, long time ago -- way back in 2013 -- pro-choice progressives united in a new clarion call to make prescription birth control available over the counter. Now, for political reasons, they're changing their tune.

Posted May 22, 2015

More Americans than ever before -- a record-high of 60 percent, according to Gallup this week -- support gay marriage. But in the wake of a new scandal rocking the academic world, it's a good time to remind partisans and activists that the ends don't always justify the means.

Posted May 14, 2015

There's no way around it -- Jeb Bush fumbled this one.

Posted April 24, 2015

In a year and a half, Americans will elect a new president. What issues will be foremost in their minds?

Posted April 17, 2015

Later this month, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on gay marriage cases in four states, including Tennessee, where Val Tanco and Sophy Jesty are hoping their New York marriage will soon be recognized.

Posted April 09, 2015

In a preview of what might just be the laziest coverage angle of the 2016 presidential season, a new article about Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina tries to compare her to -- get ready to act surprised -- Sarah Palin.

Posted April 04, 2015

As a species, human beings are nothing if not predictable.

Posted March 27, 2015

Although only one Republican has officially announced his candidacy for president so far, it looks like a formidable, diverse field of conservatives will be contending in the primaries. One prospect, however and a popular one at that has me utterly nonplussed, and questioning whether conservatives actually want to win the White House ever again. Allow me to paint a picture for you.

Posted November 16, 2012

Wednesday’s press conference marked the first occasion journalists have had to question the President directly – about anything – in eight months, and President Obama tipped his hat on his plans to confront the coming fiscal cliff with chastened House Republicans.

Posted November 20, 2009

Sarah Palin's book tour is underway, and she's hitting all the major spots -- Oprah, Barbara Walters, Hannity and The Factor.

Posted October 05, 2009

New York health-care workers are protesting the emergency regulation adopted this summer by the State Health Department making seasonal and swine flu shots mandatory.

Posted September 23, 2009

Race was always a hot-button topic in this country, and it still is. But the sharpness of that threat has been dulled a bit.

Posted July 02, 2009

French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Parliament last week that the burqa, the traditional dress worn by some Islamic women, will no longer be tolerated in France.

Posted June 10, 2009

In Barack Obama's speech to the Muslim world in Egypt, he spoke at great length about the importance of America's role in reaching peace in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The sentiment is no doubt genuine, but it's unclear to many Americans and Muslims alike just how he plans to get there. Whatever road his administration plans to take, it should go through Morocco.

Posted May 22, 2009

This week Kris Allen, who during the American Idol season prompted unabashed praise from Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges, was voted America’s favorite over Adam Lambert, his theatrical and inconsistent competitor.

Posted May 15, 2009

More than 40 years before we elected a black president – who is himself the product of an interracial marriage – Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn tackled the then-tricky topic in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

Posted December 08, 2008

Why aren't some of them acting like it? New York Giants' star wide receiver Plaxico Burress was recently charged with criminal possession of a firearm after he accidentally shot himself in the foot in a New York City nightclub.

Posted November 07, 2008

Celebrated author and veritable Renaissance man Michael Crichton died this week, and upon reflection his passing brings up some interesting thoughts on Barack Obama’s historical election.

Posted October 29, 2008

With one week or so left in what's been an exhausting roller coaster of a presidential campaign, is there anything left to be said or done by the candidates?

Posted October 14, 2008

If voters have lost some faith in McCain over the past few weeks, he can shore up his ideological and political bullpen with a little strategic name-dropping, while simultaneously contrasting his own virtuous relationships against Obama's unseemly ones.