S. E. Cupp

Posted November 21, 2015

These are undoubtedly troubled times.

Posted November 13, 2015

It was hard not to feel like an alien from another planet this week. To sum up the news, a presidential candidate was asked if he'd have aborted a hypothetical baby Hitler; students at an Ivy League university demanded the resignation of a professor for suggesting students ought to be allowed to choose their own Halloween costumes; and another presidential candidate is fending off claims that she wears a wig.

Posted November 05, 2015

One of my favorite characters, drawn by one of my favorite writers, is Will Freeman, the bachelor protagonist in Nick Hornby's 1998 novel "About a Boy."

Posted October 29, 2015

While many have insisted it's merely the fact that they aren't politicians, I think it goes deeper than that, and Rubio is perhaps the first so-called "establishment" candidate to figure it out: Voters want to see you win.

Posted October 22, 2015

Earlier this week a high-profile man said he'd only take a high-profile promotion if it didn't mean less time with his wife and children.

Posted October 15, 2015

So conventional wisdom (at least among Clinton supporters) presumes that a bid by Vice President Joe Biden is no longer needed to save the Democratic nomination from Sen. Bernie Sanders, who almost certainly would not win a general election. But not so fast -- Clinton may be great at debate, but she's no five-tool player.

Posted October 08, 2015

This week, the Obama administration did something uncharacteristically sensible: It declined to urge Americans to eat less meat.

Posted October 01, 2015

With whispers that former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg may mull a run for the White House, politicos are already hyperventilating about how he would shake up the current field.

Posted September 25, 2015

The two things you're never supposed to discuss at a dinner party -- politics and religion -- collided like a spectacular supernova this week in Washington and New York as Pope Francis delivered remarks on hot-button political issues like climate change and immigration before numerous political bodies, from the president to the Congress to the United Nations.

Posted September 18, 2015

In the days leading up to the first presidential debate of the 2012 general election, both President Obama's and GOP challenger Mitt Romney's campaigns set about to do one very important thing: lower expectations.

Posted September 11, 2015

"I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. Except when I don't."

Posted September 03, 2015

It doesn't feel like much of a party these days for the two parties trying to win the White House.

Posted August 27, 2015

There are a few existential questions which man has struggled but failed to answer conclusively, despite Sisyphean efforts, such as: Why are we here? What happens when we die? And why do kids go ape for "Frozen"?

Posted August 20, 2015

With Jimmy Carter's brave and touching announcement that he has cancer lesions on his brain, it's a good opportunity to reflect on his unexpected rise from small-town peanut farmer to president of the United States.

Posted August 13, 2015

The conversations are furious and exasperated: "When will it end?" "How is he leading?" "What do we do about him?"

Posted August 07, 2015

Of the 10 people who stood elbow-to-elbow, vying for only a handful of minutes to make their mark, it's safe to say no one won the Republican Party's first prime-time debate in Cleveland. But despite the crowded stage and limited airtime, we did learn a lot about the candidates and about what each of them needs to do moving forward. If this was a first-round audition, who gets a callback? And what should they work on for round two?

Posted July 30, 2015

Among the many words you might use to describe me -- some of which would likely hurt my parents' feelings and I'm certain aren't fit for print -- there are a few that I imagine would be fairly uncontroversial. "Mother" being one. "American" being another. You might also call me "healthy." That is, until you saw my morning hip-cracking performance.

Posted July 23, 2015

I've been enormously impressed with the way many of you have attempted to handle Donald Trump, who is proving to be an unnervingly resilient force in this nascent Republican primary.

Posted July 16, 2015

One controversial recipient of government funds, Planned Parenthood, has gone beyond objectionable into the realm of downright unforgivable.

Posted July 09, 2015

Trump's rise is a reflection of Americans' utter distaste for politicians and the way they speak, not their identification with most of Trump's views.